Book Review | A Super Guide for Great Success

Everybody desires to be successful and happy in life; to transform the life to something more worthwhile and meaningful, more enthusiastic and cheerful. But many fail to achieve their ambitions because of lack of acumen, knowledge, guidance, and motivation. If you sincerely desire for great success in your life, then here is a wonderful book for you; SUCCESS GURU: The Greatest Life Lessons from the Wisest Men in History, written by the famous psychologist and writer, Dr. John Muzhuthettu.

This book can be your practical guide for transforming yourself to a highly successful person, like the greatest men in history. It has the magical power to pave your way to success and greatness. The book will certainly inspire, rekindle and equip you for your journey towards a life of abundance, joy and fulfilment. This will unlock the door to personal excellence and greatness.

Character and personality are the most important factors in the achievement of success in one’s life. You are your own most invaluable and treasured resource and hence investing in yourself is the most valuable investment you can ever make. Great personalities who lived in this world have set numerous trailblazing examples for us. They have given us the greatest life lessons which will inspire us in our journey to excellence, success and happiness. 

The book begins with a chapter on personality development since it has got utmost significance in achieving success in one’s life. It was the great genius Benjamin Franklin who contributed an ideal model for personal development. He has explained in his famous auto biography how he acquired 13 virtues for his moral perfection through life long practice. The second chapter unravels the great lessons of time management. Time is nothing other than life itself and ipso-facto managing your time is managing your life itself.

This is a wonderful book that can totally transform you and change your life and fate. It contains 20 chapters on a variety of topics like personality development, communication skills, time management, managing mind through silence, mindfulness, meditation etc. This book unfolds the greatest life lessons from the world’s wisest men in history, who in fact changed this world. World famous geniuses like Aristotle, Socrates, Confucius, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Bernard Shaw, Edison, Victor Hugo, Warren Buffet, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra and many others give us invaluable lessons to equip and empower us for our journey to greatness and success.

It was George Bernard Shaw who once said; ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself’. The greatest life lessons from the wisest men in history detailed in each chapter of this book in a beautiful narrative will surely help you to create a new, amazing vibrant version of yourself. 

Dr. John Muzhuthettu has a dozen outstanding books on stress, personality development, emotional intelligence etc. He conducts talks on various forums and television on subjects like motivation, human relations, self confidence, meditation, longevity etc. He is also a regular writer in The Daily Brunch and his articles are widely read all over the globe. We the Daily Brunch team is happy to wish him a great success .The book has the potential to attract world wide acclaim. 

The e-book edition is available as Amazon kindle edition for Rs. 212 only.