the wonder book of happiness

Everybody wants to be happy and joyful. Many are in the frantic pursuit of happiness. They try different methods and strategies. They follow different paths. Many amass wealth and indulge in luxurious life. Some attain power and fame. In spite of their huge possessions and high positions they feel discontented and frustrated. They become distressed and disappointed. They fail to feel peace and joy within even after achieving immense material possessions.

Dr. John Muzhuthettu in his new book, ‘The Wonder Book of Happiness’ clearly elaborates how you can lead a happy life in all situations, even when you are in deep trouble and facing frequent failures and setbacks. He unravels the great secret that happiness is not something to be chased and conquered, it should spring up from within, it should blossom naturally in your mind. He suggests nine simple but highly effective strategies that would bring sustainable joy in your life. His conclusions are based on ancient wisdom and modern scientific research findings. Wise thoughts and words of greatest thinkers and writers are aptly quoted in this book to enrich your reading.

The Wonder Book of Happiness is really worth its name and is highly informative and transformative. The live stories, fascinating incidents, interesting anecdotes shared by the author make the reading of this book a joyful experience.

Dr. John Muzhuthettu is a well-known author, psychologist and a regular writer in the daily brunch with vast readership. This wonderful book is now published as Kindle Edition in Amazon and is priced Rs. 220 in India.

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