dark chocolate for weight loss

You heard that right, we are talking about having dark chocolate for helping you lose weight. We all love eating chocolates, especially when we have so much variety to it. Companies are coming out with new flavors every day, with new innovations and taste. Chocolates make us happy and create a happy hormonal change inside us! There are dark chocolates, nuts, caramel, silky and often chocolates are infused with fruity flavors to make it more lovable and enjoyable. If you are amongst the many of us who are trying to lose weight, you must have been told by now to stay away from chocolates. People always associate chocolates with extra sugar and unwanted calories. It’s time to break the taboo and know more about it! Yes, we are talking about the benefits of dark chocolate and how more and more dietitians have started to recommend dark chocolate for weight loss.

We can actually include Chocolates in our diet by being a little cautious and knowing the elements of it. What we usually binge on is a milky-sugary version of chocolate. There are varieties of chocolates available and the healthiest form of it is the Dark Chocolate! Dark chocolate is very low on sugar content and does not have milk in it. It helps in satisfying the sweet craving, reduces sugar level, controls appetite and helps in discharge of happy hormones like Endorphins and Phenylethamine.

So instead of trying out the regular milky ones which have very low cocoa content, hop on to the dark chocolates section of the store and choose a more darker and natural flavored one! Chocolates that are not much processed have the maximum benefits, so you can opt for big bars of dark chocolates or read the back of the wrappers and choose them wisely. Although making a change sounds easy, it isn’t. However, the benefits of it are numerous, read on-

  1. Dark chocolates actually help to minimize your cravings. So if you are keen on sweet delights, then choose dark chocolates as desserts and you will notice a decreasing craving for heavy meals. Hence, aids in weight loss!
  2. Chocolates are a stress buster, no doubts about that, and if it’s a dark chocolate then it shall help you more. Dark chocolate have high cocoa contents, which help fight stress better.
  3. A small amount of chocolate each day at intervals makes you feel fuller for long and hence keeps diet in check!
  4. Dark chocolates provides you with necessary energy to keep you energized for the day long work and make you live a more energetic lifestyle.
  5. Dark chocolates reduce the absorption of fat and carbohydrates into the body and increases body metabolism. Increased metabolism in turn fastens the process of fat burning in the body and helps lose weight faster.
  6. Dark chocolates contain less calories as compared to the coffee-colored ones and thus are a much healthier option when wanting to reduce weight with chocolates in hand.
  7. Dark chocolate improves blood circulation in body and lowers blood pressure, making it an aid when one is facing problems with breathing at some place or is feeling numb.

Chocolates can spoil us for sure but the way it shells out our stress and brings happiness is incomparable. Now that you know that it might help you lose some extra weight, you are surely going to love chocolates even more. Happy dieting! Happy chocolate-ing!

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