Travel Accommodation On A Budget

If you are trying not to spend too much money on accommodation while you are traveling, there are plenty of budget friendly options. So here are some great ideas that will help you save a great deal on accommodation.

You can stay with friends, in a hostel, in a house from Couchsurfing, or in an Airbnb. You can also camp with a tent, RV, or camper van. If you know someone that lives somewhere that you are going, you may as well reach out to them. Even if they are not able to accommodate you, they may be able to show you around or at least tell you where the good spots to see are while you are in town.

When searching for hostels, use Google, Hostelworld, and to find the best price and rating. Some hostels are not very nice, so book based on rating. Take the time to read reviews. You can stay in a dorm-style room with others or you can book an individual room. A private room in a hostel is still usually cheaper than a hotel room.

Couchsurfing is a community for travelers to meet, but it also has the added benefit of hosting. Couchsurfers can sign up to be a host, and others can request to be a guest. Once you find someone who is willing to host, you will be given either a room (if you are really lucky) or a couch to crash on. This is a great way to meet locals, and it is FREE.

Airbnb is such an amazing creation because it allows people to rent out rooms in their home, or their entire home, for a profit. For guests, this means staying with a local or renting an entire place for less expensive than most hotels. It is a more homely type of accommodation than a hotel room, and some of the rooms are much nicer. Many Airbnb options will not be cheaper than hostels, but it is possible to get lucky and find something cheaper than a hostel dorm room. If you find a deal like that, take it! It’s better to have your own room at an Airbnb than to share a dorm with a lot of other people.

An alternative way to finding somewhere to stay is to camp. Depending on where you are, you may be able to find free camping, or at least something really cheap. There is some free camping around Australia and New Zealand, but there may not be bathrooms provided. If you pay a little more, you may be able to get facilities like bathrooms, hot showers, and sometimes, even a kitchen. You can book a campsite to set up your tent or RV. You may be lucky enough to have a fire pit or ring to cook on or at least sit by.

Campervans are another great way to not only sleep but get around in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Renting a campervan means you have the shelter of a car but with a mattress inside. It is more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, and it is extremely mobile. Costs will vary with renting these, but since your vehicle and accommodation are in one, it will usually save you money.

If you feel that you do not have enough money to travel, consider these options. You may be able to make your money stretch further than you think by cutting the cost of accommodation with one of the suggestions above.

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