Travel ‘well’ With Taj Wellness Retreats

Embark on a holistic journey with Jiva Spa to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit

Mumbai, September 10, 2020: The past few months, while unprecedented, have compelled us all to slow down and focus on our health and wellbeing. Reports indicate that the future of travel will shift to increasingly centre on experiences that positively impact one’s overall wellness. Statistics too show a forecasted growth of 7.5% for the wellness industry.

With Jiva Spa’s decades of expertise deep-rooted in the Indian traditions of Ayurveda and healing, the new offer Taj Wellness Retreats allows travellers to embark on a soulful journey to revitalize mind, body and spirit. Thoughtfully designed by Jiva Spa’s wellness experts, these retreats combine holistic healing techniques with serene locations to indulge, nourish and reenergise oneself. Be it at Rishikesh, Coorg, Bengaluru, Goa or Hyderabad, each destination offers guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic local experiences. Be it the ethereal Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh, tranquil walks through Coorg’s coffee plantations, or breath-taking sunsets; disengage from daily monotony and embrace a natural way of living.Travel ‘well’ With Taj Wellness Retreats

The customized 5-day Wellness Retreats and 14-day Ayurveda Retreats include a range of ancient therapeutic treatments under the careful consultation of our experts, guided yoga and meditation, and spa therapies alongside special wellness menus that initiate physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium.

Attain greater harmony with yourself and take the path to wellbeing when you book a Taj Wellness Retreat.