SuperChef Series - Pork Sczhnitzel

Pork Sczhnitzel

SuperChef Series


Pork Chops 2nos deboned 300g
Flour For dusting
Salt and Pepper to taste
Dijon Mustard 1tsp
Egg Beaten 2 nos
Mushrooms sliced 1tsp
White bread crumbs for Crumbing
Capers 1tsp
Dill Leaves crushed well 1tsp
Vegetable oil for Frying


  • Place Pork meat between sheets of foil wrap, and flatten with a meat mallet. Season with salt, Pepper, and Dijon.
  • Add dill leaves and capers, mushroom slices on the meat and press lightly ,Cover and refrigerate .
  • Keep sieved flour and Bread crumbs in separate trays. Switch on the deep fat fryer with enough Oil and temp.
  • Take out the pork chop from the refrigerator, Dust in flour , dip in egg roll in crumbs , press lightly. Repeat the process and deep fry to golden brown. Pat dry if any excess oil.
  • Arrange a plate or platter with garden fresh vegets, Lettuce, and French fries, Place the schnitzel in the platter and serve Garlic sauce separate


Recipes Credits

SuperChef Nandakumar



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