Kool Kanya: A women oriented community here to create the workforce of the future

A platform that has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic to support women and help them build financial security

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Currently a community of 21K members and growing every day, with a reach of over a million, Kool Kanya is a safe space for women to network professionally, exchange opportunities, share opinions and ask questions. The platform also offers career guidance, mentorship and opportunities for women to help them build careers they love and want to explore.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about financial instability and economic challenges for many, Kool Kanya is that fresh breath of air that is here to sustain and support women who are facing loss of work and are looking for support, guidance and community.

Women based platforms and communities have grown significantly in India, as they are evolving towards helping women achieve their goals and evoking emotions of sisterhood amongst each other. These communities have henceforth come to play a vital role, acting as career support systems to women. Kool Kanya is a blend of online and offline women targeted communities that lend support to thousands of women, both emotionally and mentally.

Offering dialogue, career advice and tools to help modern Indian women build and grow careers as per their passion, Kool Kanya fosters progressive conversations around relevant subjects and focuses on imparting guidance on topics like upskilling, freelancing, entrepreneurship, financial planning and mental health. Kool Kanya also curates online and offline events for women which allow them to network and engage in meaningful dialogue. Currently, they are offering constant online support to their community members through webinars, masterclasses, Digital bootcamps and hiring events.

Vanshika Goenka, Founder of Kool Kanya
Vanshika Goenka, Founder of Kool Kanya

Vanshika Goenka, Founder of Kool Kanya, “Kool Kanya has been established with the aim of creating a one stop destination for all things related to a woman’s career- from mentorship and upskilling to starting careers and providing an opportunity to find work, all within a nurturing and mutually supportive ecosystem where women build each other up. When a woman thinks of her career, her first thought should be Kool Kanya.”

The platform has done a few remarkable events and surveys in the past. – “Women in the Workplace”, recognizing women achievers nominated by other women and a Gamechangers Networking event, for the mentors in the Kool Kanya community. They have also done an #Unblocked series of events for freelance writers, on Business Funding and Growth and Networking.

During this pandemic they have started an initiative to support women who are looking for jobs called GetWork 2020 – which is an online hiring event for the Community. The latest event saw participation from 13 companies across 18 fields and 697 applications. It is important for women who have faced job loss during the COVID-19 uncertainties.

About Kool Kanya

The Kool Kanya Community, founded by Vanshika Goenka, is a fast growing career community for women where they can get authentic career guidance, build their network, and express themselves in a safe space. They can also find work opportunities through a fully vetted and verified online marketplace, especially designed to bring together passionate and skilled women with credible buyers of products and services. This is designed keeping in mind the shifting economic scenarios as a result of the pandemic, in order to help women have better and easier access to credible opportunities and paying projects.

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