Some problems in life have become very common like migraine, fatigue, knee pain, etc. The reason for all this is a very simple thing which is usually ignored and not considered important. We usually take shortcuts to solve these problems like taking medicines, physiotherapy. They can temporarily fix our problems but cannot make them completely go away. That is because we fail to understand the root of these problems, which is a bad posture. Our lifestyle is so sedentary that we require comfort in everything. We do not want to work hard and think that this is normal. We look at tomorrow to begin but that tomorrow never comes.

Life is so busy that we do not have time for ourselves. But now is the time, this very lockdown we are facing. You can consider this as a curse or a blessing. Nature has given you an opportunity to look after yourself and improve your health. During this time try to improve your habits and try to work on yourself.

Let’s talk little deeply about posture. Ever since we were young our elders have always nudged us to sit straight, walk straight and stand straight. But as we continued to grow older, we slowly began to forget these little things. Now we just sit in one position and work for hours and hours and then hope that we don’t get migraine, body ache, heart problems, diabetes back pain and such diseases. Come let’s work on the roots of your problems together, let’s work on your body posture.

Firstly, do not do your office or school work on places like your bed or sofa. Use your study table, dining table, or floor with a centre table, where the table is just below the chest and you can put your elbows underneath the table. Don’t let your back be hunched and sit straight.

Secondly, take a short 15 minutes break every 2 hours. Out of which you do spot jogging for five minutes which can help you improve the blood circulation in your body. Give about 7 to 8 minutes to proper stretching. While interlocking your fingers, stretch your arms upwards and slowly only stand on your heels. Repeat this exercise for at least three to four times. Put your hands on your side waist and bend backward and forward for at least five to six times. Just like this move your neck up and down, right and left. Do this for five to six times and relax. Now rotate your arms in clockwise and anticlockwise rotation, you can also repeat this for at least five to six times. Tightly clench your fists and open them again, do this too for 5 to 6 times. Just like this squeeze your eyes, tightly shut and open them again. At the end of the exercise deeply inhale and slowly exhale, repeat this for 5 to 6 times and go back to your work place. You can have two glasses of water and get back to your work.

These exercises helps to improve your blood circulation, supply oxygen to the muscles which helps you energize your body and get rid of all the pain and tiredness. It also improves your lungs and digestion functions as well so that you don’t suffer from migraine, acidity, heart problem, breathing problems and fatigue.

This short fifteen minute break can change your health for the good. Hope this period of lockdown, improves your health. Follow these simple exercises, stay healthy and stay safe.

About the author

Mirza Hina Khan
Dietitian & Wellness Counselor

Mother of two angels Mirza Hina Khan is a Creative, Progressive and target-oriented Dietitian with 8 years of progressively responsible experience in Nutrition, Yoga and Zumba.

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