We all know how important it is to have and be able to show off a beautiful and healthy smile. And yet, every day and without knowing it, we consume foods and drinks that can affect the state of well-being of our teeth and affect our smile.

The process of erosion of tooth enamel affects everyone, at all ages, and our body is unable to regenerate enamel once lost: we often realize this condition and its aesthetic-functional implications when it is now too late. Here there are some definitive advices on what to do and what not to do to have a perfect set of teeth and a dazzling smile!

1. Careful Oral Hygiene

The first tip is to brush your teeth with care, on waking and after every meal. Try not to rub the toothbrush vigorously, to avoid injury or enamel wear, and prefer circular movements for greater effectiveness.

If you don’t have a toothbrush handy, try eating a green apple and then rinsing your mouth with water: this will reduce the effect of bacteria. Dental check-up is a must do to at regular interval. So, always try as much as possible to pay a regular visit to the nearby dental clinic.

2. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The toothbrush is your first ally: it must be changed periodically, about once every three months, and, at the time of purchase, it is essential to pay particular attention to its medium hardness, which must not damage the gums or damage the enamel. The best toothpaste is those that include fluoride, which remineralizes the enamel and contributes to the elimination of dental plaque.

3. Last but not least: Dental Floss and Mouthwash

Dental floss as well as inter-dental brushes and oral irrigators) allows us to reach the corners where the toothbrush does not arrive: only after having passed it will you be sure to have eliminated all food residues present in the oral cavity, which would otherwise lead to the formation of dense plaque, very harmful to tooth health.

Finally, go to rinses with the mouthwash. There are mouthwashes with anticaries effect, whitening or for sensitive teeth and which, at the same time, give a pleasant sensation of freshness.

4. Nutrition as a Complement to Dental Health

The contribution of calcium to tooth formation occurs mainly through food. Try to get all those foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as fish, vegetables, and fruit, into your daily diet.

5. Go to the dentist regularly

A visit to the nearby dental clinic every year is important both as a routine check and for deeper cleaning and brightening teeth by giving the teeth whitening cost which is cheap then what we assume.

Habits to Avoid

Proper oral hygiene is not always sufficient to protect teeth from breakage and tooth decay. Sometimes it’s the wrong daily habits that we don’t even notice that can damage the health of our mouth. Prevention is always better than cure: by paying a little more attention during the day, you can easily get rid of some bad habits and show off a healthier and brighter smile.

Soft drinks, sweets, and cigarettes
Drinking fizzy drinks, as well as eating sweet foods often, can wear out dental enamel the most: carbon dioxide and sugars also contribute to the onset of tooth decay.
Cigarettes, in addition to being dangerous to health in general, can also have harmful effects on the teeth: in addition to causing halitosis, yellowish teeth and gingivitis, they are one of the main factors that lead to tooth loss. You will have to opt for teeth whitening cost at the nearby dental clinic for making your teeth look bright as before. A clarification on chocolate: the dark one, with a cocoa share of 80%, is antibacterial.

Using your teeth improperly
From chewing ice, pens or pencils, to using teeth to open the bottles: all these habits are definitely harmful to the mouth and can lead to tooth breakage. When you chew ice, for example, the sudden contraction due to the sudden temperature change can fracture your teeth, as well as the continuous biting of pens and pencils. Instead, chew sugar-free chewing gum. You’ll keep your mouth busy while xylitol fights the acids that damage the enamel.

Author: Praveen Singh

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