Ceiling panels are also known as ceiling tiles and are mainly used to cover the original surface of the roof. The original ceiling is a plain slab that spreads over a particular room and also as flooring to the room above it. During the construction this plain ceiling, one can enhance it by adding tiles and textures to ceiling panels.

There are many reasons as to why ceiling panels are fitted. There are many types of ceiling panels and advantages of each one of them differ according to the type. In this article, different reasons for installing ceiling panels, types, and advantages of ceiling panels are mentioned.

The installation of the ceiling panels is mainly done to elevate the interior design of a particular room. The ceiling panels also control the external sound waves from entering the room, which makes the room a sort of soundproof. So, the ceiling panels are also installed in singing studios or in the rooms where a pin drop silence is required.

Types of Ceiling Panels, Their Uses, And Advantages

The ceiling panel can be used in commercial buildings like hotel lobbies, offices, conference halls, auditoriums and so on, as well as residential complexes.
The main reason behind installing is that it gives a good finishing to the ceiling, makes the room sound resistant and add elements of elegance to the look of the overall room.

Drop Ceilings

This particular type of ceilings is generally used where the ceiling panels needs to be flexible, like in offices or basement of the houses. The main advantage is that a single tile can be replaced without disturbing the whole structure.

This allows to change a plumbing pipe or electrical wiring without taking off the whole ceiling. There a lot of color variations available for such ceilings. Changing a single ceiling panel naturally will cost much lower and also is less time consuming.

Even the look and the texture of the ceiling panels can be selected depending on the choices of the clients like smooth or decorative like embossed. Even a coffered ceiling panel can give a high end or stylish look to a normal room. There is one more additional advantage in the drop ceiling panels, they are so easy to install that most of the house owners can install them on their own.

Directly Applied Ceiling Panels

In this particular type, large planks of ceiling panels are fitted on the ceiling mainly like wooden planks. This type of ceiling panels or planks come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs.

They have the advantage of looking the same as the ceiling but hiding the small imperfections of the ceiling. They can offer a great alternative to typical while ceiling. Also, as the planks come in large sizes, they cover a larger area, unlike smaller ceiling panels.

The look of direct applied ceiling panels is mainly of three types like the wooden look, the metal look, and the smooth textured look. Depending on the color theme of a particular room one can choose the looks of ceiling panels from a wide pool of options.

Nailed Ceiling Panels

The metal ceiling panels need to be nailed in the original ceiling mainly due to the weight issue. However light metal may also be used to make ceiling panels. As It is a metal and cannot be stacked like other options, tin is commonly being used or preferred to metal panels due to its lightweight.

Thus, all these types of ceiling panels can be used for decorating the room or for making it a soundproof room.
No matter, which ceiling panel one chooses they all will end up getting loads of advantages and that too within the periphery of their stipulated the budget.