A mounting block electrical is one of the multiple piece structures chiefly use for mounting of the electrical fixture to the building side. The entire structure includes an electrical box with four sidewalls and position supports that comes from the sidewall.

The support fits inside mounting block with a plate placed in between the front wall and the opening part of the electrical box. Both the electrical box and the plate are made from fire-resistant material that allows the mounting block to be made from non-fire rated materials.

Above the mounting block, a metal plate can be placed to offer the appearance of a brass structure which includes two pairs of mounting holes and allows the attachment of light fixtures or the electrical outlets. This article is primarily focusing on to providing an idea about mounting block electrical:

The structural aspect of mounting block electrical

A few structural aspects of mounting block electrical structure are mentioned in the introduction itself. However, these structural aspects of the mounting block electrical are discussed beneath.

  • The mounting block is made from first plastic material and the electrical box is made from a second plastic material.
  • There is another metal plate that is attached to the mounting block outer surface and the metal plate consists of an outer surface that extends beyond peripheral edges of the front wall of the mounting block. The second opening said above s smaller than the first opening or maybe equal to its size.
  • The whole structure has four mounting supports that come from four corners of the electrical box supports that get aligned with the mounting block four corners.
  • Then there is a peripheral ring attached to snap and extends into the sidewalls of the mounting block.
  • The intermediate plate and the electrical box are made from fire-resistant material and are safe completely from electrical fire hazards.

Importance of mounting block electrical

As lapped siding is used on buildings, it enhances the difficulty of mounting the electrical fixtures like the light and other electrical outlets to the building sides.

  • This led to the development of a product that helps in the easy mounting of the electrical fixtures and easy integration to the sidings. They are mounted either with or without an electrical box.
  • The make the whole structure fire-resistant, the electrical box is made from fire-resistant material and it should be made deeper so that electrical wires and outlets can easily fit into it. The mounting blocks come in varied colors so that you can easily match it with the building sidings.

An insight to the features and benefits of mounting blocks electrical

  • It helps in easy accommodation of the mounting brackets. For better fixing, it is required to use plotted mounting screw holes to offer adjustments up to 1 inch.
  • With these mounting blocks, you get a safe, attractive and time-saving way of installing the dryer vents on your new siding. They are perfectly textured and re-paintable surface.
  • For large fixtures, it offers a very smooth and safe mounting surface. It sells in converting an octagonal siding block that was installed previously into mega siding plate. It helps in keeping the mega siding plate in perfect position.
  • They are available in various sizes for which they easily fit most of the flat and lap siding styles. You will not require cutting the sidings for mounting the block but making sure the electrical fixtures are inside the electrical box.

A better-quality mounting block electrical made from fire-resistant material make a super solid base for your electrical fixtures for mounting it on building sidings. The mounting blocks are available for any kind of lap and it holds all kinds of fixtures very strongly, no matter whether it is a light fixture or electrical fixture.