Laminate is a duplicate of hardwood flooring. Essentially, laminate flooring consists of layers of adhered fiber board with printed images of wood, tile or stone on it, giving it a realistic look of wooden flooring. Due to its easy installation and maintenance, the demand of laminate flooring has grown significantly in recent time. It also has the added advantage of being less costly. Besides, being resistant to heat, burns, water, and noise, the best laminate floor is also more durable, healthy, hygienic and easy to preserve. It is resistant to scratches. Thus, making it the best choice for people having pets.

Laminate flooring provides the look and texture of hardwood floors, which the customer wants at a low price. Thus, making it cost effective and affordable for the people. Laminate flooring is sold in the form of thick boards with thickness varying from 6 to 12 millimeters. A thick laminate floor is easy to install. Besides, being more impact resistant and noise resistant when people walk on it, making it the best laminate floor. Before laying down the laminate flooring, underlayment of good quality is to be laid. Also, the floor must be levelled as much as possible before flooring. Pergo has the best laminate floor collection.

There Are Various Types of Laminate Flooring Available in The Market Depending on Various Factors.

Based on installation, blue laminate flooring is an expensive option. It takes time to be installed and forms a strong, noise absorbing floor. Glueless laminate flooring is fast, easy, and simple to install. Locking laminate flooring and adhesive laminate flooring is also available. Depending upon the room where the laminate flooring is to be installed there are various types of bathroom laminate flooring, water resistant laminate flooring, kitchen laminate flooring, basements laminate flooring et cetera.

Based on texture, laminate flooring can be subdivided into smooth laminate flooring, embossed laminate flooring, hand scraped laminate flooring and others. Traditional floorboard planks, thin strip flooring, wide plank boards, herringbone pattern, and chevron pattern are the various varieties of laminate flooring available depending on the patterns of laminate floor.

There are certain things to consider before choosing the best laminate floor for your house and make it long lasting consult an expert seller to guide you in finding the best laminate floor suitable for your house.

Usage-If the laminate floor will be put to intense usage, make sure to buy a more resilient surface from abrasion classes and impact classes.

Visual Effect-The size and tonality of the planks will vary according to the texture and visual effects a person wants. If you are aiming for a modern classic style creating a unique environment, go for Norwegian maple.

Decor-A wide variety of décors are available. Oak and walnut are the most preferred ones in the wood section.

Nature of Floor-If the floor is heated, a good quality underlayment is required before laying down the laminate planks to allow heat to pass through.

Does It Get Oxidized by Light? -Direct sun exposure does not oxidize laminate floors. Also, they won’t be stained, novel their color and texture fade away due to exposure to the sun.

After the installation of laminate flooring, proper care is to be taken to keep it in shape and look like the best laminate floor.

  • Keep the laminate relatively dry since moisture can cause the plank to swell.
  • Wipe up water spills quickly. Do not allow water to remain for a prolonged time to prevent water damage.
  • Place felt pads on the furniture feet to avoid the plank getting scratched.
  • Inferior Glue less laminate floors might result in gaps between the planks should be tapped back together as soon as possible to prevent dust and dirt particles from filling in the gaps.
  • The laminate should be cleaned using a dust mop or broom or vacuum cleaner regularly.

Therefore, you need to carefully choose the best laminate floor for your house. Make sure to reach out to the right manufacturer for the best laminate.