8 Simple Hacks to Help You Quit Smoking, quit smoking

Now that you have decided to quit smoking, it is time for you to carry out that decision every single day for the rest of your life. Yes, it is not an easy task, but a few weeks of pain and frustration will make your life healthier and longer. There will be days when it will be a walk in the park, but during some days, it will also be incredibly difficult.

Take a look at some of the most useful tips and hacks that will help you stay away from the nasty stuff.

  • Avoid any triggers: Try to stay away from all of the people in your circle that smoke, even if they are friends. Also try to stay away from places where you know that you will bump into people who are smoking, like the lounge in your office during lunch time. The less you are exposed to cigarettes visually, the easier quitting will be for you.
  • Get rid of all things related to smoking: Take some time out and clean your room. Throw way any ashtrays, empty cigarette packets, or anything even remotely related to smoking from your household. As they say, if it is out of sight, it is out of mind.
  • Mark your progress: If you keep reminding yourself of your progress, that is, the more days you spend without smoking, the more likely you are to continue it that way. The progress you have made so far is going to motivate you to go even further.
  • Have a strict diet plan: A lot of people, while trying to quit smoking, tend to eat a lot of carbs, sugar as well as processed food. They also tend to start drinking a lot of sugary drinks, which adds to an increase in weight. Therefore, be careful to plan and maintain a strict diet plan when you making this lifestyle change.
  • Finding an outlet: It helps if you have an outlet or a hobby that takes your mind off every time you crave a For instance, some people find art therapeutic, since it makes them concentrate on the project, rather than their urge to smoke. Similarly, some people find working our therapeutic and it also happens to be a good way to blow off some steam.
  • Expect withdrawal: Experiencing withdrawal is one of the most painful parts of quitting smoking. This means waking up in the middle of the night sweating and craving for a smoke, having muscle cramps, dry throat and perhaps even developing a cough. Nonetheless, know about these symptoms and be thoroughly prepared as to what you have to do when these things happen.
  • Involve a friend: Involving a friend for emotional as well as other forms of support makes the entire thing a few notches easier. Not only will they help you keep motivated, but they will also attempt to steer you clear of trigger zones, and if need be, help you with withdrawal symptoms as well.
  • Find alternatives: One way of slowly giving up smoking is using nicotine patches on your skin or even chewing nicotine However, if you want to cut back on nicotine completely, stick to normal chewing gums, e-cigarettes and candies. The trick is to keep your mouth busy.

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Image Credits: Chuck Grimmett Via Flickr. com under the Creative Commons Legal Code