The social media campaign went live on the eve of Daughters’ Day

New Delhi, September 26, 2022: Instashield India Private Limited, India’s leading consumer durables technology company, is marking International Daughter’s Day through the launch of its social media campaign #KhudKiPehchan that advocates for women having identities of their own that are not perceived through prism of the surnames they are given at birth or after marriage

Coming ahead of the revered festival of Navratri, the campaign urges a viewer to respect the feminine energy and view women as people in their own right.

Featuring veteran screen icon Himani Shivpuri and model and actress Ismeet Kohli as a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo, the three-minute-long ad film opens with Shivpuri engaged in the routine task of writing guest names on invites for her granddaughter’s birthday party. As the film progresses, playful banter between these two family members gives way to a thought-provoking disclosure about women’s individuality and self-hood.

The film’s powerful social messaging and subtle commentary on social divisions and patriarchal norms comes through as Kohli, who plays a compelling part as a conscious daughter-in-law, asks Shivpuri why she had to elope for her own wedding, and wonders if things would be different had the powerplay of surnames would not be in the picture. She even wonders why her mother-in-law was often referred to as Mrs Verma, instead of just her first name and first identity, Asha. 

Furthering the poignancy of the film, Kohli then goes on to reveal that she had chosen to give up the surnames of not her own daughter, but of her own too. At the end of the ad film, a moved Shivpuri adds ‘Seema’ to her invite, which hitherto said just ‘Mrs Singh’. 

Commenting on the launch of the Daughters’ Day special ad film, Hitesh M. Patel, Promoter & Director of Instashield said, “This ad film is conceptualized as a conversation starter for women having their own identity. It ends with the line ‘Apni Betiyon ko dein tohfa, unki khud ki pehchan ka’ (Gift your daughters their own identities), which resonates with the equitable view of society we have at Instashield.”

Sharing his thoughts on the launch of the ad film, C.S. Jadhav, CEO, Instashield said, “We wish everyone a Happy Daughter’s Day. For Instashield, it’s important to engage our audiences meaningfully with progressive messaging, just as it is important for us to help consumers combat any virus challenges via Instashield’s cutting-edge medical device technology.”

#KhudKiPehchan was released across all social media channels. 


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