July 2019, Bangalore: Sheraton Grand Bangalore at Brigade Gateway in association with Artisera recently announced Melange, a group exhibition of contemporary artworks at Art Cafe – The Only Sky Bridge Art Café in Bangalore at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway.

Melange is the inaugural exhibition signalling a new-fangled partnership between the Brigade group and Artisera. The show was curated by Varun Bakliwal and presented a host of exceptional artworks by some of the most eminent artists from across the country and they are Anand Panchal, Ashu Gupta, Basuki Dasgupta, Dinkar Jadhav, Gurudas Shenoy, HR Das, Kandi Narsimlu, Laxman Aelay, Madhuri Kathe, Naina Maithani, Praveen Kumar, Ramesh Gorjala and Roy K John.

Melange is a celebration of diversity through art – an exhibition of works by established artists from across India who draw inspiration from different things, use different mediums to express themselves, and create art with their own distinct identity. From textured abstracts to spiritually rooted mixed media creations, figurative masterpieces to vibrant cityscapes, depictions of animals to interpretations of nature, Melange is a celebration of it all.

The thoughtful curation of contemporary art put together by Artisera, is designed to appeal to art lovers who appreciate storytelling, seek a connection with the creator, and see beauty in diversity. True to the philosophy of the Art Cafe, the art on display was paired with food for the soul – lost recipes such as Kibti, Sagpaita, Katambari Kebab, Raoh ki Kheer and more, inspired by the myriad art forms rooted in Indian traditions. The artists in this show have masterfully grasped the nuances and celebration of diversity.