Guide to fix baking and cooking errors

Cooking and baking at home are great for so many different reasons. You can save money instead of going out, host and impress your friends with your awesome cooking and you have complete control over your food. Putting together your own delicious pastas and yummy desserts for you and your loved ones are great ways to express your creative flair and an excuse to have company over. There are a lot of great recipes out there, but what do we do when we accidentally veer a little of the instructions?

Unfortunately, we all have a few times where we’ve reached for the salt instead of the sugar and added a bit too much spice to our soup. Sometimes a few missed or overused ingredients can completely throw off the taste of some dishes. Thankfully, a lot of common mistakes like this can easily be corrected. Shari’s Berries put together a guide to fixing some of the most common baking and cooking mistakes. For example, did you know that you can fix a dish that’s too sour with a hint of sweetness like sugar or honey? Peruse through their guide to see what you can do to fix your dish.

how to correct baking mistakes


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