Modern fashion has unlimited choices to offer especially when it comes to women’s apparel. Designers mix and match all kinds of clothes and styles all the time. Originally, light summer dresses were paired with open shoes or easy jackets or delicate cashmere cardigans. But with the passing of time, we began to embrace a more progressive view towards fashion and have therefore transgressed the straitjacketed girly style. Simple additions to the feminine style like heavy leather jackets and boots exude a more confident and independent aura.  Over time, the female style happily welcomed many men’s items due to its comfort, flexibility and versatility. So, let’s talk about those particular men’s items which have happily made it into the women’s wardrobes.

Tuxedo: The tux is classy and sexy at the same time. The suit with pants and jacket, sometimes worn with a vest was quintessentially a male item. But with the addition of the suit silk blouse and high heels you’ll get the classic look for business meetings or negotiations or even as an everyday work outfit. You can remove the blouse from this combination and wear a tuxedo with deep décolleté which would be appropriate for evening events or interactions.  Moreover, the fashion market is filled with alternatives to classic tuxedos. Today, you will find overalls, suits with short pants or even the usual tuxedo with an elongated jacket which is made to resemble a dress.

Loafers/oxfords: There are plenty of shoes in our closets that are borrowed from men’s style such as oxfords, loafers, moccasins etc. The unique feature of oxfords is the embroidering with little holes that allows air circulation inside the shoe. This is because such shoes were originally invented for long walks in mud and when the feet became wet these holes helped to drain the water faster. For the summer editions designers offer open heel shoes on the base of loafers, which are very comfortable and would make a fresh addition to our shoe collection.  Besides, such shoes go well with skirts, pants, dresses and jeans.

Tie/bow: Many a times we run out of ideas for accessories! It might be difficult to choose between a shawl or scarf, a cape or a wide-brim hat. We are constantly thinking which accessory we ought to add to complete a certain look. So, why not steal a men’s accessory for a change? We don’t literally mean it though. You could opt for a bow or a tie to add oomph and style to your look. If you are confident, you could look fabulous in anything. If you prefer something more feminine, there is the option to complete the outfit with a tie decorated with rhinestones or prints such as butterflies, lipstick’s pictures, letters etc.

“Boyfriend’s” jeans: Can you even imagine that jeans were professional clothes because they were so convenient to wear for work. It can withstand wear and tear; not to mention that there is hardly any kind of maintenance required. There is a type of jeans that every woman can rock called the “boyfriend” jeans. It can be casually worn for any occasion and looks absolutely cool with a little tear here and there. Honestly, boyfriend jeans are the most comfortable ones out there!

Here is a little tip: don’t afraid to pick one size bigger than your usual size. It looks all the more better when it is casual, free or even a little disorderly. One would usually come across many female celebrities who pull of this classic yet sport look with élan. Pair them up with heels or flat shoes and you are good to go.

The fashion world is open for experiments but it takes courage to wear unisex clothes and feel comfortable in such style. Add these unique elements to jazz up your dressing style.