7 benefits of weight loss

The benefits of weight loss are numerous. Being overweight is not just bad for your health (remember, obesity, cardiovascular diseases?), but it can be mentally damaging too. You might become a victim to bullying, and you seem to lose all confidence in yourself. Okay, we know there are exceptions, and you may love to flaunt your curves, but exceptions cannot be examples!

Remember “you are stronger than you think”. No one can deny the benefits of weight loss. Sometimes, shedding kilos happen naturally (by working out or simply because of stress or other underlying medical conditions), and sometimes it is forced (surgeries, weight loss pills)! It is, however, lovely to notice that weight loss indeed, has so many benefits attached to it. Want to get motivated? Read on.

You gain self-confidence

You stop checking if you’re the fattest person in a group. You gain more confidence about going out, and start feeling happier. You learn to appreciate yourself, and are lesser concerned about what people think about you. You also explore your extrovert nature, and do not shy away from befriending strangers, because hey now they will notice things about you, other than your weight.

You can wear what you feel like

Remember how heart-wrenching it was when you wanted to buy a dress, but there were no XL sizes for the same? Well, now you don’t have that problem anymore. You are free to wear whatever you like, and chances are everything’s gonna fit your well-shaped body! The confidence you don now, is a gift of weight loss to you by you.

Your dependence on food is controlled

In some cases of low self-esteem, you seem to link everything to food. You’re happy? You eat. You’re sad? You eat. However, losing kilos, can do the contrary. The confidence that you gain by losing weight helps you appreciate other things in life, and you grow lesser dependent on food, and start expressing yourself more freely.

You want to live a life that is healthy in quality

Being overweight can result in a number of diseases. You may be obese, be lazy, but you may kind of like living that life. With weight loss, you start loving a healthy quality life. You become more positive socially, physically and psychologically. You stop stressing, and instead fall in love with a healthier and standardized lifestyle.

You can bid goodbye to depression

Most of the obese people are reported to be suffering from depression or may be facing other withdrawal symptoms. They are always concerned about how they will be perceived by others, which ultimately makes them go into depression, that sometimes even lead to suicides. However, as and when you lose weight, you start loving your body, and become lesser concerned if people will accept you. You stop caring about others, and feel happier about yourself.

You understand “you can do it”

Working out at first may seem troublesome and too tiring, but remember losing weight requires patience. You’ve got to remember “Rome was not built in a day.” Initially, you may think getting into shape is impossible, but when you finally reach your goal, it gives you immense satisfaction. You start believing if you can complete this impossible-like task, you can achieve everything else in the world! You become more optimistic.

You start enjoying to work out

For the overweight especially, working out never seems like an option, and they tend to run away from it. However, the benefits of regular exercise are not unknown to anyone. Initially, you may not like working out or exercising, but slowly and gradually when you see the results, you get motivated to just never stop! You kind of fall in love with working out. Thanks to its innumerable benefits.

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