What Emotion Rules Your Destiny? Unfold the Fortune with Numerology

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We are back again to complete what we started- The Journey of Numbers.

We already discussed in our previous article in this series how numbers have a very important role in our lives and how each person comes with a Destiny Number. We also learned the simple way to calculate the Destiny Number for a person.

We explained till the Number – 4 in the previous article of the series and now, we will be talking about the rest of them. So tighten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, we are resuming the journey now.

Destiny Number 5 – Mercury

Mercury is a symbol of intellectual abilities. It gives the native an edge over others, they are very great speakers and entertainers. Mercury is Hasya.

The person has very high IQ and he can influence anyone with his speaking abilities. He is a good entertainer and comedian. Sometimes his sarcasm is not accepted well by the people who don’t hold a taste of humor and hence these native sometimes are criticised. The native must hold the silver line between sarcasm and arrogance. Also, number 5 is said to be the most easily “addicted” person; so staying away from anything which may harm you is strongly recommended.

Which gemstone can control this emotion?


Destiny Number 6 – Venus

No other thoughts on it; Venus is a symbol of luxury and beauty. Venus is ‘Shringar’

The native has a very charming personality and fond of luxury lifestyle. These people are heavily appreciated by the opposite sex and said to be the king of romance and love. People working in cinema, fashion, and beauty related businesses & skills are said to hold strong Venus. Number 6 also denotes the care of a mother (even the shape looks like a pregnant mother). These people are very attached to their family and always have or I should say ‘invite’ responsibilities to themselves.

Hence, they should make sure that people are not misusing their care for their comfort.

Which gemstone can control this emotion?


Destiny Number 7 – Ketu

Ketu (South node of the moon) is again a shadow planet though it gives a flood of emotions too. It makes the people sad by even looking at the slightest pity state of himself or closed ones. Ketu is said to be a headless body (that can’t think) that only flows with emotions. Ketu is Karuna.

Number 7 is said to be the person that loves space between relationships, a very intelligent scholar but again, hard to keep a relationship with.

During the Ketu Dasha, native is very anxious and emotionally weak. His thinking power is overwhelmed by the emotions he carries and hence good decisions are very hard to make.

Ketu is said to be the next step after success and people must be careful to hold the emotions during this period otherwise gained success will be ruined in no time.

Which gemstone can control this emotion?

Cat’s Eye – Lehsuniya

Destiny Number 8 – Saturn

Number 8 is said to be the most practical number of all. Success is the only aim of life for Number 8. Always taking risks to be at the peak and hence, the life is a roller coaster for number 8.

Saturn is the planet with rings that makes it stand apart, it is not an easy planet and holds the emotion “Bhayanak”

Though Saturn gives anxiety and fear, it is said to be the God of Justice. It will not spare any mistake but it will also give the reward for hard work. People working in civil and construction, successful share market experts are expected to have strong Saturn placement in their chart.

Which gemstone can control this emotion?

Blue Sapphire

Destiny Number 9 – Mars

A person who just want happiness in the world, who lives for others, who is here to be the torch bearer for the society; this is you Number 9.

It is red, it is fire, it is anger and aggression, Mars is unquestionably the “Raudra”.

It is the weapon for a sportsman and people in defense. With mars, even unachievable can be achieved.

People with strong Mars are often the defense leaders and sportsman. However, these natives can’t accept defeat, for loosing is not a word in their dictionary.

Hence, many a time the native feel irritated and stressful as soon as the things are not flowing as per their expectations.

Ego clashes and frequent mood swings are something native must drive away from.

Which gemstone can control this emotion?


This ends the journey or should we say a little tour of the world of numbers but it is actually a sea and is full of surprises and treasure for those who seek. Just like Destiny Number, there are different types of numbers (even your name is a number) that tells a different quality of a person and help you in making decisions more confidently.

If you want to find a pearl in the sea of numbers, we can help you to locate it. Also, do let us know what topic you want us to cover in our next article.

Till then, may the numbers favor you!

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