What Emotion Rules Your Destiny? Unfold the Fortune with Numerology

Excited for the Foreign Trip? Happy for the new car? Sad for the lost job? Angry about the traffic conditions? Joy, Humour, Sadness and other emotions are the real colours of life. There are emotions that we like and emotions that we don’t want to paint the life in, but each emotion and mood has its value.

Each emotion teaches an important lesson to us.

According to Natya Shashtra, ‘Rasa’ or ‘emotions’ can be categorized into 9-

Sanskrit Term for Emotion Principal Meaning In English Related Emotions
Veera Courage Pride, Confidence
Shaanta Peace Calmness, Relaxation
Adhbhut Wonder Curiosity, Mystery
Vibhatsa Disgust Depression, Self-pity
Hasya Joy Humor, Sarcasm
Shringar Love Beauty, Devotion
Karuna Sadness Compassion, Sympathy
Bhayanak Fear Anxiety, Worry
Raudra Anger Irritation, Stress

According to numerology and astrology, each of these 9 emotions is ruled by 9 planets. To know your ruling rasa, you have to know your destiny number.

How to calculate your Destiny Number?

Calculating a destiny number is as easy as adding two digits, Literally!

Add all the digits of your date, month and year of birth and make a single digit number. For example, if you are born on 3rd May 1991, the output will be 3 + 5 + 1 +9 + 9 + 9 +1 = 37 to make it single digit, add the digits 3 +7 = 10, it is still two digit, so we have to add again 1+0 =1

So your destiny number comes out as 1.

Each destiny number and emotion is ruled by a planet and the table below provides insight on it.

Destiny Number Destiny Lord Emotion – Rasa
1 Sun Veera
2 Moon Shaanta
3 Jupiter Adhbhut
4 Rahu (North Node of Moon) Vibhatsa
5 Mercury Hasya
6 Venus Shringar
7 Ketu (South Node of Moon) Karuna
8 Saturn Bhayanak
9 Mars Raudra

In this article we will be talking about the first 4 destiny numbers, their characteristics and gemstone recommended.

Destiny Number 1 – The Sun

Sun is a very strong planet with heat and it makes it stand out alone without any need of support. Sun is Confident, Sun is the ‘Veera’

It gives immense self-confidence to the native. Sun is expected to be strong for a successful businessman or high-ranked govt. job employee.

But as high heat can burn and self-confidence can take shape of ego, the native is expected to hold it very carefully.

The native will get everything easily, except self-satisfaction.

Which gemstone can control this emotion?


Destiny Number 2 – The Moon

Moon as it is, no heat in itself, a very pleasant to see. Moon is calm and composed, the moon is “Shanta”

No matter what happens, native with strong moon will always be in control of his senses. He won’t get angry often, he is a person people want to be around.

Successful speakers and consultants are expected to have strong Moon.

But just as moon’s nature, the native needs support from a source of energy to get going. The native must track his goals, and should do the “implementation” of the ideas with as much energy as he did the “planning”. Laziness is a slow poison for Moon’s native.

Which gemstone can control this emotion?


Destiny Number 3-The Jupiter

Jupiter- it is massive and full of surprises. Jupiter is attractive- Jupiter is ‘Adhbhut’

As Jupiter has high gravitational force, it attracts nearby space celestial objects; A person with strong Jupiter is full of wisdom and knowledge that attracts everyone. Teachers and educational experts are expected to have strong Jupiter.  Jupiter is also said to be the “Guru”

Which gemstone can control this emotion?

Yellow sapphire

Destiny Number 4- Rahu

Rahu (North node of the moon) is a shadow planet and its characteristics resemble Vibhatsa.

During the Rahu dasha, native is confused and pessimistic about the planned goals. Rahu is said to create a hallucination of negative thinking that will try to move the native from the goals. It is a testing time and people who cross this, who hold this pressure surely came out as diamonds. So Rahu is said to be the last step towards success.

 Which gemstone can control this emotion?

Hessonite (Gomed)

We will be covering the remaining Destiny Numbers in our upcoming editions, so stay tuned and keep reading.


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