Bookmark Vietnam’s Alma Resort for Your Next Romantic Getaway

Plan the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway by booking a vacation at Vietnam’s Alma Resort. Located on the beautiful Cam Ranh peninsula, Alma resort lets you take full advantage of the 30-hectare beachfront setting overlooking the buttermilk sands of the Long Beach. You can spend this special occasion watching the beautiful Vietnamese sunrise at the beach with your loved one as sampans and coracles ply these picturesque waters.

If you book one of Alma resort’s ocean front pavilions for stay, you can experience the sweeping vistas of the sea at a touching distance from your love nest. A private patio to sit and enjoy this view with your lover, a choice between a private pool and a Jacuzzi are some of the dazzling features that await you.

The glorious pools landscaped on terraces, cascading down to the beach, sun-seekers and swimmers, both are spoilt for choice. You can unwind in style with your partner at the massive pools stretching along the beachfront while sipping on some poolside cocktail. The sun loungers, umbrellas, bars, palm trees and your gorgeous arm candy will make for envy-inspiring pictures for your instagram.

If you are an adventurous couple, you can indulge in water sports at the beach such as kayaking and bodyboarding.

For those of you couples who love to unwind and relax, book a spa treatment for two, and let the professionals at Le Spa guide you through your wellness journey in one of their private wellness villas.

You can opt for a romantic barefoot beachside dining experience at Atlantis and relish the freshest seafood, or enjoy a variety of cuisines at Alma’s bustling and lively Food Court. Spend some quiet moments alone with your partner at the Alma Lounge, overlooking the spectacular sea-view. Take in the warm sea breeze and enjoy light snacks and some live music in the evening.

A lovely date-night with your partner awaits you at Alma’s mini private cinema hall, screening a wide array of movies every day, from Hollywood blockbusters to rom-coms.