In Conversation: Kripal Amanna (Founder @ Food Lovers TV) & Monu Danesh Surendran | Episode 1

Episode 1: An online tête-à-tête with Kripal Amanna, Founder @ Food Lovers TV

Anyone can claim to be a Foodie but there are very few people who are endowed with the finer sensibilities for discerning every fleeting aroma that wafts through the layers of rice and masala from a biryani pot or blessed with the eloquence to narrate with excitement, the story behind the dish. Kripal Amanna is a true food enthusiast and the Founder & Gourmet On The Road of Food Lovers TV. His culinary journeys have taken him to some of the best places to eat across the country. Kripal is well-reputed in this part of the world with his YouTube channel FOOD LOVERS TV (Gourmet on the road series) garnering 330,000 subscribers and 6.5 million views last month.

TDB’s Co-Founder and Food Columnist, Monu Danesh Surendran, talks to Kripal, in a first-ever digital conversation, about their shared passion for food, and their love for embarking upon unique gastronomic adventures.

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