dressing for work

Starting a new job in the corporate world? It’s always mind boggling to figure out what to wear. Well, ultimately what you wear at work translates a lot about you. It is important to note the cultural office norms which tags along at your workplace. You need to know there are many factors involved before you start raiding your closet-whether your work is sedentary, or requires a lot of standing, the season or type of events conducted. There’s a lot of thinking that goes in which may drown you, so here are a few pointers to ease out the confusion while dressing for work.

  • Always dress appropriate.

You must’ve heard this a lot of times. But this golden rule is never to be forgotten. Observe the attire of your supervisors and colleagues for a few days. Alongside with the familiarization of the dress code, it is mandatory to make sure that your clothes fit right. The last thing you want is to look shabby and messy. If your clothes are too tight or too lose, it sure is going make you stand out — for the wrong reason.

  • Your shoes speak a lot about you.

Often, recruiters and interviewers tend to notice your shoes at the first glance. Making a good impression is essential. Keep your shoes squeaky clean and well polished. A good pair of leather stilettos or flats in black and nude colors are the best options. A huge no to flip-flops.

  • Stay away from bright colors and neons.

Research actually shows that the colors you wear at work affects our mood and the manner in which other people respond. So with that in mind, you surely need to avoid wearing flashy colors like red,yellow and orange. Black, grey, white — the standard color palette for any suit can never go wrong. Subtle and serene colors such as shades of green, blue and white are also considered good options to wear at your workplace.

  • Don’t go overboard with accessories.

Accessories are an important aspect of your outfit. According to your dress code, the accessories you select must compliment it. No blingy and noisy jewelry. The most annoying sound for anyone would be hearing your bangles make noise. Pearls and diamonds can never go out of style. If you’re tight on budget ,you can also wear a bohemian style necklace or cuff. Go for pieces with a pop of color.

It’ll also elevate your mood!

Do not wear multiple accessories. Rather just stick to  one such as earrings, a statement ring or a necklace. An effortless and classy way to look striking!

  • The perfect bag for work.

Finding the right type of work bag can be tricky. You need to look for something that is an equilibrium of professional, chic and functional. Additionally, you don’t want your belongings spilling out everywhere. Thus, the best option is the use of a leather bag. It totally screams classy. You can go with a tote bag,bucket bag or a compact briefcase; whatever suits your convenience.

Keep in mind that while dressing for work in a corporate environment, simple, chic and elegant is always the way to go.