While we bid adieu to 2022 and glide into 2023 with new goals and renewed vigour, it is also the time to re-direct our focus on self-care and wellness to balance the mind, body and soul.  Discover the magic­ of Jiva, the award-winning spa, where guests will find a unique range of spa treatments that amalgamate age old Indian healing techniques with the finest natural ingredients.

Jiva Spa brings a treasure trove that offers guests a sumptuous experience of methods encompassing ancient wisdom and true deliverance of self-consciousness. Discover new heights of relaxation with Abhilaya, a meditation technique that is ideal for reducing the fatigue of daily life. Achieve a state of utter bliss with Pada Mardana, a sublime massage treatment performed on the soles of your feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience. Liberating the body of impurities, Pavithri is a calming massage that uses a unique blend of oils with the goodness of tulsi, ginger and lime. Combined with the lymphatic drainage technique, the treatment works from within to cleanse the system of toxins.

The ultimate indulgence du jour, these therapies are crafted masterfully to encourage the renewal of the mind, body and the spirit along with soothing the senses and rejuvenating the body by using handmade oils and healing touches in a serene ambience. From the opulent decor and spa etiquette to the relaxing aromas, Jiva Spa aims to elegantly accentuate wellness of the body, mind and environment through a natural approach that coddles your senses – leaving you fresher, calmer and revitalized.