Post launch plans include an aggressive North India expansion streak for their signature sourdough loaves

4th December 2021: Pursuant to high demand for their award winning loaves, Iconic artisan bakery brand ‘The Baker’s Dozen’ (TBD) by the founder duo Aditi Handa-Sneh Jain is all set to spread their love for Sourdough in North India by launching their first concept store ‘The House Of Sourdough’ at Greater Kailash 1, Delhi today. Gearing for an aggressive expansion strategy, the brand further plans to launch 6 concept stores in multiple key locations in North India within the first two quarters of 2022. 

En route to becoming an experiential library for the widest variety of Sourdoughs available in India, via ‘The House Of Sourdough’, TBD will create a boutique mecca for all that is artisan via this unique quick format brand store in one of Delhi’s most loved marketplaces, GK 1. With a huge collection of handcrafted breads, bakes, dips and other, versatile, preservative free and 100% whole wheat products, Handa aims to boost the popularity of the humble sourdough by augmenting an Indian’s interaction with the loaf – one bite at a time. With exclusive sampling stations, knowledge sharing sessions and cosy outdoor seating, TBD plans to raise a ‘toast’ to the Delhi palate by soon launching some local sourdough loaves that are centric to the city’s distinct palate.

The House Of Sourdough by The Baker's Dozen - Delhi - Greater Kailash -

“The House Of Sourdough in Delhi is yet another step to strengthen our foundation and expand our loyal customer base. With the swelling demand for our products in North India, we believe no other city would serve our endeavours better than the nation’s capital. We are extremely grateful to be here and very confident that our love story with this city is meant to be. This concept store is but one of many, as we plan to launch 6 new stores in multiple related geographies by early next year. We are sincerely committed to ensuring a sourdough in every Indian home via this move,” comments Aditi Handa, Head Baker and Co-Founder of The Baker’s Dozen.

Recognised as India’s most loved artisan bakery brand, TBD has successfully and consistently carved its own niche in the Indian baking industry (and a permanent place in our hearts) by making breads preservative free and high quality using their unique FreshLock packaging technology. Living by the philosophy that bread is their God, each baker at TBD celebrates the subtle fermentation of dough that creates magic. The culinary lab at TBD thus produces over 60 lines of unique bakery products. And as the brand aims to shift the consumer from unhealthy white breads to preservative free Sourdough breads, the starting point for the customer in their extensive product portfolio is daily breads such as Whole Wheat loaf, Ragi loaf, Multigrain loaf too, so that the transition process is smoother for one who is planning to pick a healthy lifestyle. Being the one stop solution of all bakery needs in India, it also churns out amazing options in cookies, cakes, crackers, ready-to-bake mixes and more.

Moreover, as part of their strategy to ensure that TBD (and their much loved sourdough) becomes a national household name, Handa-Jain have planned the launch of ‘The House Of Sourdough’ in prominent cities to ensure that as the brand grows, the knowledge of Sourdough bread in India grows too. Although bootstrapped, the brand has logged an impressive 250 % growth in the pandemic by generating 6.5 crore revenue growth in 2020 and 18 crore + in 2021, while launching new product lines such as cookies and pancake mixes. The pandemic further accelerated a sharp upward growth curve for TBD, as they sold a million plus Sourdough loaves across India, launched their own app and opened over 40 dark stores to power their pan India expansion drive. The brand further won hearts this year via impactful digital campaigns such as ‘The Dose We Knead’ and ‘India’s first Virtual Sourdough Summit’.   

The House of Sourdough has opened its gates to serve fresh loaves to Delhites this weekend.