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Tender Mango Pickle

Kalpathi  Memories


Tender Mangoes 3 kg
Rock salt 500 gms
Kashmiri Chilly Powder 250gms
Red chilly Powder 200 gms
Mustard Dal 200gms
Asafoetida Block 100gm
Gingely Oil 250 gms


  • For making this King of Pickles, we start by making `Uppumanga` That is Mangoes in Brine solution. Select good quality Tender Mangoes,
  • Wash them carefully. you can keep water in a Degchi and boil the same add mangoes for a second, Immediately take out and strain the water off. Now wipe the mangoes without any trace of moisture, Let the mangoes dry completely.
  • Now take glass jar or `Bharani`[Earthen ware Pot], add little rock salt in the bottom of Bharani, then add some mangoes, and repeat the process until the mangoes and salt are filled in. Keep tightly closed for 10days.
  • After two months the entire water in the mangoes would have come out and there will be a good blend .
  • Now we will do the mis en place for the pickles
  • The mustard dal may be dry roasted and when cold you may grind them to fine powder. Keep aside in a bowl.
  • Heat the 300ml of Gingely oil in a fry Pan , add asafoetida and fry carefully with out burning. Remove the same with a Jarni keep on a plate  allow to cool, and then powder the same.
  • Keep the Kashmiri chilly and red chilly aside. Dry roast each spice separately and powder them.
  • For making your pickle, strain the mangoes into a bowl using the Muslin cloth. Keep the brine water and Mangoes separately,
  • Into the Brine, add both chilly powders one after the other slowly to avoid any Lump formations. The chilly powders should get emulsified with the brine.
  • Then add mustard Powder and the asafoetida powder and blend well. Add the mangoes, slowly stir and finally add the gingely oil completely in which you have fried the asafoetida.
  • Transfer this into two Bharanis .before tying the lid, Just touch your hand in 2 drops of mustard oil and rub on the sides where the lid will be placed.
  • Place the lid, Cover the top with a good white cloth double-folded and tie the same with a twine or any good thick thread .write the date on the wall of Bharani with a marker. You can open the pickle after another 3 months.
  • You will scream and jump out of your skin after tasting this pickle !!!!


  • We apply the Mustard oil to keep away all insects and flies.
  • The mangoes are put into boiling water for 1 sec. and taken out, so that all dirt is removed and the mango gets its sheen.
  • Never keep Mangoes in Brine solution for not more than 7 days, `coz the mangoes will leave a colour change.
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