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Amazon Kindle Books in last September published the caption book on Happiness written by Mr. Jose Vazhuthanapilly.  The book is based on relevant articles that have been already published in Daily brunch from time to time. Most of these articles had won great admiration from our readers.

Mr. Jose Vazhuthanapilly
Mr. Jose Vazhuthanapilly

Jose Vazhuthanapilly Retired in 2008 as AGM from State Bank of India. He had worked as a visiting faculty in the Bank’s Staff Training Centers for 5 years. He is an author with 22 books to his credit including books on self-help/ psychology. He writes for English and Malayalam periodicals. He resides in Kochi, India. The author had the opportunity of working in a large number of cities, among a wonderful cross section of people. He has been constantly watching especially those very happy go lucky people. This has immensely influenced him that even in rough weather some guys never lost their sense of humor and he saw people joking even while in great calamities. Some people are just made like that and the author says “sometimes I have felt they are like large volumes of encyclopedias and it might take a life time to learn from them”. 

What this book is all about

The book tells us  to walk along the golden road to happiness and a more fulfilling life; gaining  yourself the blissful life of happiness! This simple friendly guide gives you age old wisdom for living a more meaningful, emotionally healthy, and productive life. It truly adds quality to the life we lead.

You’ll find positive concepts and techniques to help you to gain emotional stability and change yourselves, learn how to improve your value system and your acceptance of the world realities and achieve happiness in your relationships at home and outside. The book also helps us how to survive even in most difficult situations. Considerable research has been going on during the last few decades to understand the postulates, theories and notions on happiness. The book makes use of several examples of great men who lived in India and abroad which makes the concepts clear to understand.

Many a times we want to change ourselves and to accept that power to change us into a happy individual. So happiness is within your power. You can cultivate these attitudes and maintain your happiness.

Happy guys don’t carry the backpacks of the past or the anxieties of tomorrow. They tend to make the most of the present moment and exploit all opportunities to render the present moment fruitful and enjoyable. Their constant pursuit of knowledge is enthusing and inspiring. They are people genuinely interested in life. They never stop learning and use their knowledge for their own and others good. They cherish knowledge, information and are on a life-long quest to learn.

Come whatever -win or lose situation, they are least bothered .They never sit and whimper when things go wrong. They tend to laugh at their own faults, failures and misfortunes. Never discouraged, they move ahead in life. They are constantly on the lookout for opportunities for betterment of life, being alert like a deer looking out when to leap. They make untiring efforts to find meaningful solutions for their problems and betterment. Every situation is taken as a challenge and they never rest on their oars until they find ultimate success.

There are the people who are usually above those materialistic gains of wealth, position etc. Of course this attribute you find in people in varying proportions. They appear contented all the time with whatever they have. This shouldn’t mean that they have no ambitions what so ever. Here the author says that their cravings for things do not make them go crazy. They’re not crushed if they fail to get what they wanted. When expectations get derailed, they are not upset beyond measure. They approach every situation pragmatically, hoping for the best but being prepared for the worst and reconciling to the realities.

They are never perfectionists and never set unrealistic goals for themselves. They do not live their lives in a never ending crazy pursuit of unattainable and impossible visions of perfection. They are happy to accept life as it is, with full of blemishes, lacunas and inadequacies. They are not the type who fume and fret. Instead they are with a cool, relaxed approach. They do keep a work schedule planned out in such a way that there is no room for any stress or tension. 

Seeking self-improvement

The people who are the happy lot constantly strive for becoming better and better, in their communications and social interaction.

Happy and successful people are immensely grateful to God for His gifts, their capabilities, education, parents, other dear ones, wealth, fame and everything they have. They give thanks for enabling noble and fruitful relationships, their home, their job, their possessions, their talents, their achievements, etc.

Happy people are often busy and engrossed in activities in the interest of humanity. They are always hungry and striving  to improve other’s life and make things better not only for themselves .This altruism and inner drive is a key factor making them very happy and content in their lives. Their good work transforms the society and they become catalysts for social change. They are loved and admired by people and people are always anxious to be in the company of such happy individuals.

Watch happy persons when they achieve something and are rewarded. They would pass on credits to others and are extremely grateful for all the good fortune to be able to associate with people. Happy individuals are never self centered or egoistic.

Gratitude is an irreplaceable characteristic of true happiness and success. Even if we achieve great things in life, without gratitude we often find ourselves empty and discontent. Make sure you take the time to reflect on how lucky you are as a person. Surely every one of us has innumerable and glorious gifts to be grateful to God.

Power of positive thinking

The power of positive thinking is a supreme attribute of happy people. You start believing in a good ultimate outcome and that things will work out fine in the end. Optimists focus on the good and the best in everything. They never run around with a microscope to detect faults or defects in things. Constantly viewing life situations through positive eyes will make them happier and life becomes a sweet and enjoyable experience. With constant practice and by pushing more of positive thoughts into your brain it’s possible to change your outlook.

For a happy and meaningful life man needs to have the essential quality called empathy. It is a revolutionary force we can have within with which we can bring about fantastic changes in our social life and quality of living; what more it can bring smiles all around. It enables us to feel that we are more like humans and we care.

Accept and celebrate differences

There is an old saying that it is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences. When our wavelength does not meet that of others around us, we simply show our annoyance and dismay. Many occasions will arise in life when we cannot cope up with others’ behavior, thoughts or ideologies. This simply is the mosaic of life; each individual is made up of different stuff and varied attitudes. We need to embrace all of them to the extent possible says the author.

From the days man lived in jungles as a huntsman he might have started pondering about this wondrous phenomenon of laughter. He probably wanted to learn how and why one is able to enjoy a joke. The magic of humor and laughter is still an enigma despite tremendous speculation, hypothesis and research. A lot of talk on the sense of humor is going on among scientists and psychologists. .They all agree on one point that it is a key aspect of our personalities and this trait can play a strong role in weeding negative emotions such as frustration. If you are able to look at some of your own shortcomings and blunders and then joke about it, that can be wonderful and you would be looked upon as an adorable personality. You appear jovial and become more acceptable in the family and among colleagues, friends. If you are acting natural, it relaxes you completely and you start feeling very light. 


The author sums up his book with a very apt discussion on nobility.

What exactly is nobility? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is someone or something that is noble possessing excellent qualities, superior ideals and high moral standards. For example, a noble person can be described as someone who makes decisions based on high moral principles and practices. Nobility is not about your wealth or appearance. Nobility we are talking is not about is your lineage or royalty in blood and its arrogance. It means simply the state or quality of being morally or spiritually good and in dignity.  It is something that sticks to your personality; it is the perfume, magnetism and spell that you cast over the people around you. We cannot pretend or create an external façade of nobility, it has to come within. 

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