Three Ways To Unwind And Attain Holistic Rejuvenation

In the current times, there is an increased trend of people wanting to take breaks to focus on their health and well-being. Many want to escape the confines of their homes, stress and fatigue that has set in during these months and go for a holistic rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. Recent reports too indicate that the future of travel will increasingly shift to focus on experiences that positively impact one’s overall wellness.

With short drives and domestic travel becoming the norm at the moment, the hospitality industry is also stepping up to offer retreats that help calm anxiety. Jiva Spa’s wellness experts recommend three rituals that combine holistic healing techniques with serene locations, offering a unique experience for the mind, body and soul. 

A Ritualistic Shanti Havan in Rishikesh

Ritualistic Fire Ceremonies (Havans) are performed by the Resident Priest, chanting for guests’ Ayus and Arogya (life longevity and health). Fire or Agni, one of the 5 key elements represents light, heat, luster, energy and the power of transformation. Through the Havan, auspicious energies are awakened and one undergoes cleansing or purifying process, not only of the physical but also the psychic and spiritual body. It also heals the surroundings, filling it with positive and divine energy and serves as a link between man’s consciousness and the cosmic consciousness.

Conscious Cooking in Goa

Conscious cooking is like an act of meditation. For centuries, Ayurveda has emphasized on the role of food in health and disease and dictates that the energy, attitude, intention and feelings you have while cooking gets infused into the food. Conscious cooking conducted by trained chefs offers you an opportunity to learn simple, mindful, yet tasty way to relax and build a healthy lifestyle. The sessions allow one to understand Ayurvedic principles on incompatible food combinations, proper processing of foods for easier digestion, type of utensils to cook and serve in and order of eating among other things.

Aroma Dressing in Coorg

Aromatic Dressing is gentle movements over body parts with essential oils. A simple and beneficial practice since ancient times, aroma dressing is a form of Self-love and care, which sets positivity with pure and natural oils. The aromatic dressing works along with the energy channels of our body in a synchronize manner to restore the vital energy, prana wherever it is blocked. Lymphatic stimulation with natural oils helps squeeze out toxic accumulation from these channels. Aromatic dressing is recommended for everyone as a daily ritual, but it is especially needed if someone’s routine demands a lot of physical or mental activities and so on or when one is stressed out, anxious or afraid.

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