In Conversation: Chef Regi Mathew (Co-Founder @ KAPPA CHAKKA KANDHARI) & Monu Danesh Surendran (Co-Founder & Food Columnist @THE DAILY BRUNCH) | Episode 2

In Coversation: Chef REGI MATHEW (Co-Founder - KAPPA CHAKKA KANDHARI) and MONU DANESH SURENDRAN (Co-Founder & Food Columnist - THE DAILY BRUNCH)

In Episode 2 of our digital meet-up series, Monu Danesh Surendran (Co-Founder & Food Columnist – THE DAILY BRUNCH) chats up with Chef Regi Mathew (Co-Founder @ KAPPA CHAKKA KANDHARI).

Chef Regi Mathew is a foodie entrepreneur with a million dollar smile and a bevy of brilliant million dollar ideas. He is a renowned Chef, restaurateur, serial innovator, and a culinary entrepreneur who is known for breaking new ground in the Indian food scene, especially in the evolution of ethnic cuisine. His incredible journey spans decades and has been shaped by the insights from consumer preferences to build brands, from the ground up, that serve modern diners the food that they can identify with. Ethnic-driven comfort food is doused in nostalgia and is known to tantalize the taste buds ever so endearingly. Chef Regi Mathew, Co-Owner and Culinary Director of the award-winning ‘Kappa Chakka Kandhari’ restaurants in Chennai and Bengaluru, like many great Chefs of our age, has found his true calling in exploring the cuisine of his home state, Kerala. Stay tuned to our page on September 26th for an exclusive digital meet-up between Chef Regi Mathew and Monu Surendran, TDB’s Co-Founder and Food Columnist.



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