Kitchen walls often get dirty due to continuing splashes of food, grease, oil, & water. They also are forced to withstand extreme heat all the time precisely behind the stovetops & microwaves. Modern kitchen splashbacks help you in protecting walls and cabinet from all the mess of the kitchen. This splashback also brings beauty to your kitchen due to color & textures.

Brief Description of Kitchen Splashback


Modern kitchen splashbacks are available in granite, high-pressure laminate, Seratone, marbles, glass, and tiles.


It is important that for installation, you must take the help of professionals.


It is very important that you must choose the right material for modern kitchen splashbacks. A good quality spalshbacks will last for 20 years, after which you would need to replace the same.


These are available in different styles and patterns which can complement your kitchen. Wrapping your stone bench & the top wall with pattern tiles for the seamless look is one of the hottest trends nowadays.


Since the splashbacks are available in different materials, the costing for the same will also vary. Besides, the area which will be covered by the splashbacks will also impact the costing. You can expect to spend somewhere between 300 dollars in 1300 dollars. This cost includes transportation, labor, and installation charges as well. Pyrex panels are considered as one of the cheapest materials for modern kitchen splashback that is durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, and cost-effective product.


Mentioned below are some of the significant benefits of installing modern kitchen splashbacks:

Easy To Clean And Maintain: Splashbacks are easy to clean. You can wipe them with a dry or wet cloth, soap, and water to remove the stains. You are not required to spend any money on cleaning substances. Thus, it is a low maintenance product.

Heat Resistant: All the materials, be it glass or marble that come in splashback, are made to resist heat. No matter how long you cook and how much heat your modern kitchen splashback is exposed to, your splashback will not crack, damage, or change color. It will remain new and protect your kitchen walls.

Long Lasting– Good quality kitchen splashbacks last for 20 years. So, it’s a good investment to make your kitchen beautiful. After years of use, if you are bored with your splashbacks and you want to replace them, then worry not because replacing them is easy and quick work. But you don’t have to worry about replacing them for 20+ years.

Keeps the Wall Safe- Since you will be mounting the splashbacks on the wall, it will prevent the splashes and heat to directly impact the walls. Thus, keeping it safe.

Hundreds of Creative & Design Choices: You get splashbacks in a myriad of colors, textures, and designs. You can choose it according to the color theme of your kitchen. Once they are installed in your kitchen entire look and feel of the kitchen will change.

Luxurious Appeal: Splashbacks are not only used to protect the wall, but they also add the style quotient to your kitchen. It comes in different materials, colours and pattern which can give the kitchen a stylish twist. Whether you install marble or glass or any other material, these beautiful fixtures bring in with them a stunning and luxurious look. Your kitchen looks outstanding, and anyone who enters your kitchen is awestruck seeing the entire look & feel of the kitchen. Even those who don’t like kitchen chores want to spend some time there, helping you to enjoy the beautiful look of the kitchen.

Lightening: Light reflection is an added function of modern kitchen splashbacks. Once you install these splashbacks, you get fewer shadows and brighter light the kitchen as the glass splashback will reflect the light and make your kitchen more comfortable at all the time of the day.

Conclusion- The able mentioned benefits make modern kitchen splashbacks a considerable option when it comes to increasing the aesthetic value of the kitchen. You must check all the options and then choose the one which matches the kitchen.

Author: Nivi Watson