When we are happy we clasp our hands, when we praise someone we clap.  Clapping is just not another practice but there is a lot more to it than we think! There are a lot of health benefits of clapping that most of us aren’t even aware of says Mirza Hina Khan who is developing Clapping Therapy as an effective healing practice for her clients. The human body is very complex and every organ is linked to each other. In our body there are 368 total points in which a total of 28 major points are in hands. Our palms have numerous blood vessels and nerve endings which if stimulated can heal lot of health problems! We can activate these points by clapping them together. With regular practice, you can yield many stunning benefits. Clapping is one of the simplest therapy. There are some specific kind of clappings which have some very specific benefits.

1. Finger clapping: This clapping helps to activate the point of the liver, kidney and intestine to ensure that fatty liver, Diabetes, urinal problem and problems related stomach are solved.

2. Palm to Palm clapping: This clapping helps our body to detoxify and also reduce the body’s pain.

3. Join hand clapping: This clapping helps stimulate the shoulders, neck,head points, eyes points, which helps to reduce pain from these parts and is active in all acupressure points.

4. Power clapping: with the aid of shoes and socks, this clapping helps to stimulate all the energy stored in our bodies. It is great for blood circulation and cholesterol.

5. Circle clapping: This clapping is performed in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction forlower B.P patient.

Mirza Hina comments “We would be surprised to know that clapping is proven to boost immunity too by increasing the production of white cells in the body.” It effectively eliminates the risk of infections that we generally get with seasonal changes. While it is okay to clap just like that, you must try this clapping therapy to avail some additional benefits. Apply some mustard oil or coconut oil or a concoction of both on the palms which would get absorbed by your body. Keep your palms straight and clap them against each other in a way that palm and fingertips all should touch each other. It is advised to perform this therapy in morning hours to receive maximal benefits. However, you can do it as per your comfort.

Mirza Hina Khan
Founder – The Soul Fitness Studio