Power is a deeply misunderstood word. It is an external set standard of manipulation, of how we are perceived by others. It has connotations of control, domination, force, manipulation, the haves and have nots, disabling the other to enable oneself, taking away from others, being seen and heard in a certain way. These are directed by our five senses of perception of the world through the ego/mind. It is more of idea of what power must be like and not what it really is, otherwise known as False power.

When we start to live beyond these five sensory perceptions and start to see ourselves beyond what we are supposed to be and start to get into who and what we truly are, we begin to shift into a different space. Our mind begins to align more with the soul rather than the ego. Knowing and Being become the states we start living in and acting from. Its qualities are humbleness, expansiveness, an understanding of a greater picture, a gifting to others without a sense of lack, compassion, imperturbability, becoming multi-sensory and multi-dimensional, having a sense of interconnectedness of everything and the ability to choose what is true for them in a sea of choices. We start to have a deep sense of our truth and the courage to stand in it.

Traits of False Power

False Power is in service of self over others.

False Power comes from the action you are taking and what is it getting you.

False Power is when you become a certain someone that you want people to perceive you as.

False Power serves only the ego and its short-term goals.

False Power seeks being self righteous, fame without integrity and selfish goals.

False power is hard work, anxiety ridden, dotted with highs and lows and deep down you live with massive insecurities knowing fully well that what you are creating in the world outside can end in seconds and then you won’t know what to do.

False power has a sharp sense of success and fear or failure, accompanied mostly by a stance of I am right, others are wrong.

Traits of Authentic Power

Authentic Power is in the service of all.

Authentic Power is coming from intent and conscious co-creation.

Authentic Power is when you are yourself whether you are alone or with others.

Authentic Power has a desire or intent to connect to soul and its purpose.

Authentic Power seeks fulfilment, collective purpose and practices integrity.

Authentic power does not need you to be anyone else but yourself fully. It is actually the most effortless state one can be in. You are naturally tuned in, tapped in, turned fully on as a soul in its highest potential living out it’s purpose.

Authentic Power fully manifested has no rights or wrongs, no success no failure, it’s all a learning and evolving process.

There is a lovely saying from an unknown source.

You have to choose which master you’d like to serve. The soul/spirit or the ego. You cannot serve both. 

That is where you are choosing your power source.  Where do you want to be plugged into?

Choosing authentic power or false power really comes down to what it is you would like to create as your life.

What is your intention?
What are your desires?
What is your purpose?

To create authentic power, you have to be clear on these three.

If you are wanting millions of followers on social media because it says something about you, that’s false power. But if you have millions of followers on social media as a by-product of something that you are contributing to their lives and thereby making a difference, that is authentic power.

Some hard questions you need to answer for yourself to ascertain if you are authentically empowered:

  • Do you have an intent to have that as a way of being?  Every day and in every way? And is it a priority?
  • Can you start to acknowledge where you currently are and to know how you will get to authenticity?
  • How much of you have you embodied as authenticity? Are you the same alone by yourself as you are with others?
  • Are you willing to let go certain concepts of right, wrong, success, failure, me vs others, which keep you enslaved to a false sense of self?
  • How much of yourself do you really know vs what others have to tell you about yourself
  • Can you acknowledge the extent of your strengths, capacities, abilities, talents, contribution, potential and potency?
  • Are you aware of exactly what you create when you are in a certain place or with certain people or are involved in some project?
  • Do choices still sway you away from what you know you need to do? Do you shift from your truth when you see something that is potentially exciting or available for free or because your entire bunch of friends are enrolled in it? Are you able to discern what truly works and does not work for you and vocalize this?
  • Do you live beyond your five senses? Are you tapped into your greater purpose, have a deep understanding of who is in your life and why, does your intuition guide you or do you look for cost benefit in choices?

Yes, these are many questions, but unless we really start to ask real questions of ourselves, we do not invite ourselves to being real and authentic, leave alone in our own power.

Being embodied as authentic power, we get simpler as people, creating miracles in our lives and always being in a deep sense of gratitude to where we have been and wherever we maybe headed.

But so many of us are so deeply addicted to suffering and misery, that it feels falsely courageous to face it and overcome it, when one simply has to choose to step out and be authentically powerful instead.

So what is it going to be for you? Living falsely and suffering or authentically and empowering?

Author: Aditi Nirvaan

Aditi Nirvaan is a Therapist, Coach, Facilitator, Energy Intuitive and Artist. She has studied Positive Psychology, Mind-Body-Eating Psychology, Feminine Power Transformative Facilitation, Meaning and Valued Living, Mindfulness and Meditation, and Holistic Nutrition. Practicing and teaching various therapy and healing modalities since 2005, Aditi is known for her clarity, compassion, deeply transformative work, generosity and is a pillar of strength for her clients and participants. She conducts programs online and in live workshops as well as private sessions with her clients from all over the world. From 1998 to 2006, she’s also worked in the corporate world, with companies like Tata-AIG, Star TV, The Oberoi Hotels, Times of India and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in Marketing.

She is an Artist, Writer, Potter and Paragliding Pilot. She specialises in,

  • Mid life Awakening/Crisis
  • Unburdening ourselves to move through life with a sense of lightness in mind, body and soul
  • Making the unconscious conscious with shadow work
  • Authentic relationship with ourselves and others
  • Mindful living
  • Creating your life from Meaning and Purpose
  • Body Image and Self Love
  • Dealing with Depression and Addiction
  • Relationship Recovery