The course: fast. The mood: fantastic. The finish line: overwhelming

25th July 2019: Glinting with glass, steel and concrete skyscrapers, Frankfurt Main is unlike any other German city. Yet at its heart, it is a traditional and charming city, with half-timbered buildings huddled in its quaint medieval neighborhoods.

Frankfurt am Main is also home to the longest-established city marathon in Germany. The Mainova marathon takes place every year, since its inception in 1981. With over 10,000 participants from over 81 countries, this 41 km marathon is an enthralling experience for participants as well as visitors.

The circular track leads the runners through the city of Frankfurt with its fascinating skyline and culminates into an atmospheric finish. The setting at the finish line is particularly splendid, with more than 7,000 visitors cheering on the stands at Festhalle.

The registration of the marathon is open until 06th October, 2019. Running along the picturesque Rhine-Main region is sure to make for an unforgettable experience. The registration passes for adults start at INR 13,600.

The Mainova Marathon is exciting for the young visitors as well. Children and young adults can take part in a ‘mini marathon’ and be a part of a history! Children passes start at INR 684 for the age group between 8-15 years.

Be part of an electrifying experience against the scenic urban backdrop of Frankfurt!