In September 2015, numerous complaints were filed against a birth control product Essure. A not so heard device called Essure has been in the US market since the year 2001, but not until recently the product has received mixed reviews.

Essure is a birth control device – infact the first permanent device which does not require a surgical procedure. The process of insertion of Essure is not complicated and invasive as the other forms of birth control. The device is placed into the entrance of the fallopian times through a thin catheter by inserting it from the cervix and uterus. The disposable catheter clasps the Essure coils and implants it at the required position. The coil unfolds to a length of 1.5 inches and anchors itself the walls of the fallopian tube.

So once inserted, the coil causes inflammation at the site which in turn leads to the formation of tissue at its entry in such a way that the entry of sperm is completely blocked and prevents fertilization. The procedure just takes ten minutes and does not need the administration of general anesthesia. So where did it go wrong or iffy? Essure is made up of two coils of nickel-titanium alloy , stainless steel and fibers of polyethylene. Women with an allergy of nickel or any metal spikes an allergic reaction causing serious heath complications. Now most of the women have favored giving the permanent sterilization a shot, not realizing the fact that they may have a specific allergy to its constituents. I won’t play the blame game, but a test or some confirmation to be aware of the status on the nickel allergy ought to be done.

To ensure the complete tissue growth formation , a wait of three months is essential. Till then , women are advised to use other forms of birth control. Alongside the wait, many women have experienced severe abdominal cramping, heavy bleeding, headaches, malaise, perforation of the fallopian tubes and unwanted pregnancies. Since its release in the market from 2002 (till 2015), more than 5000 complaints have been filed against the product due to its detrimental and damaging side effects. The FDA had approved the device in the year of 2001 , however it is said the fast trial evaluation and tests could be the main reason of the serious effects. If by any chance regretting the decision of Essure pops into your head, its reversal is not as easy as you think. The process is pretty complex and still does not guarantee the complete reversal (of womanhood). The portion where the device is present along with the tissue growth is removed by making small incisions and is then connected to the uterus. Nevertheless, there are chances of rupture of the uterus when pregnant.

Research states that women are at a higher risk of getting a re-surgery done again after the insertion of Essure compared to any other surgery. The FDA will not be removing the product from the market , but warning and added\ precautions might be included keeping in mind the high number of complaints they have come across. There are a certain number of women who had no side effects and are enjoying the freedom of not worrying about any unwanted pregnancies. Yet, the numbers keep increasing showing the product’s inconsistency.

After ample research, I feel the risks involved weigh heavier to the focus the product aims at. The allergy, probable damage to the fallopian tubes and the fast tracked trial reviews just do not flatter me enough or probably anyone when taking in account of the overall verdict. The device yet needs improvement and changes to increase its effectiveness and safety for all women.