“Speak English” from Malayala Manorama Publications is a book written by a Malayalee for Malayalees. The book contains over 101 contemporary conversations that you will encounter in your daily life.

Imagine a new person has just joined your college or office. At first, you won’t have any idea about the whereabouts or the characteristics of the person. You will learn about the person from what others have told you and form your opinions accordingly. Given that you have the option not to befriend the person, you can choose to stay away from the person altogether. However, in the occasion that you have to get acquainted with the person or you are interested in learning more about the person, you put an effort in meeting the person more often or speaking to the person more often. Very soon, you will learn a lot about the person; both personally and professionally.

Similarly, befriending English is the key to understanding it. English is a very easy language. Yes, you read that right. The reason it seems so hard is because you have not befriended it yet. Having more encounters with the language is the key to gaining more insight into it. Regardless of how well acquainted you are or naught, with English, my intention here is to reintroduce you to your new best friendEnglish.

Why is it that we fear English?

This question takes us to the very essence of this entire book; that with adequate exposure to the language, speaking English is very easy. It’s definitely not rocket science or anything close to it. However, speaking English does not come naturally to many of us Malayalees.

Words can be rebellious at times and most often elusive. You might dread those few moments of uncertainty and fear when you are asked to make a speech or walk up to a person to initiate a conversation or to pick up the phone to make a call. This book acts as a trigger to start off your conversations or as a roadmap to guide your thoughts along as you speak, so that you don’t fumble. On situations when you are unsure of what to say and how to say it, this book comes to your aid. You can look through the conversations for almost every occasion that you might encounter in your day-to-day lives. This way, you feel confident and more prepared. By knowing that there is this handy book to guide you through conversations will make you more confident. And, as you become more confident, your English speaking skills are bound to improve.

Imagine that there is a locked room in your home that you have never dared to open. Imagine that you have always been curious about the room but never really garnered the courage to see what is inside. But till the minute you decide to open that door that room will always remain an enigma to you. Once you enter, you might stumble upon invaluable treasures in the room to your surprise. Same is the case with the English language. Once you are resolute in learning your language, your encounters with English will become increasingly frequent. As your encounters become more frequent, you will in turn learn to appreciate and love the language more.

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Author of “Speak English”: Anju Lopez

Featured Image Credits: Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay