The holidays are fast approaching and our shopping lists are growing! It’s time to pick up meats, dairy and a slew of fruits and veggies to feed all of our relatives and loved ones. Since cooking is going to take up a lot of our time in the next few months, why not take the time to bring in high-quality ingredients? In cooking, high-quality can be the equivalent of fresh! Although we can’t start a cow farm in our yard at this time or a veggie farm in these colder months, there are a few things we can do to prep our kitchen. One great and quick project we can start on is an indoor herb garden!

Herb gardens are great since they’re relatively easy to care for and can grow year-round inside your home. Fresh herbs normally taste more flavorful than dried herbs or store-bought herbs that have been sitting in the refrigerated aisle. If you keep your own herb garden, you can easily reach for the herbs that you need, when you need them so you and your family can enjoy herbs at their utmost freshness! Their abundant benefits and relatively low-maintenance nature is more than enough reasons to dive into this kitchen project.

To get started, take a look at this indoor herb garden guide from ProFlowers to learn all of the things you need to know about starting your own garden. They have in-depth care tips for herb care, a list of the top herbs to grow and dishes they pair well with along with a styling guide to help you envision your kitchen herb garden. Peruse through their herb list and styling tips to see what you can put together this holiday season!






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