How to Buy Pearl Jewellery?

Pearls may look like around beads, but they are a symbol of beauty and purity. They can be mixed and matched creating the most fashionable styles. There are different types of pearls like natural, cultural, salt-water, freshwater and imitation pearls. Pearls are normally not round in shape they can also be oval, pear-shaped and even misshapen. Misshapen pearls are called baroque pearls. Pearls can be used for rings, necklaces as well as earrings. Even if you do not afford the natural pearls then you can buy the cultured pearls. You can easily wear the pearl necklace, bangles and earrings with any dress and you can also use pearl earnings and fingerings with your casual and official outfit.

What are cultured pearls?

 The pearls that are sold in the retail markets can be called as cultured pearls. Sometimes they can be also labeled as natural pearls. People tend to misunderstand freshwater pearls as cultured pearls. Akoya, freshwater, Tahitian and south sea pearls are all cultured pearls.

The types of pearls that suit your budget: 

  1. Akoya: The sizes range from 5 mm to 11 mm. It is a classic white pearl which has tons of rose, silver, and cream.  You can use this particular pearl to achieve multiple colors.  It is perfectly round in shape.
  2. South sea: It is 11 mm to 18 mm in shape.  It ranges from silky silver to deep golden tones.  This one is supposed to be most rare and valuable.  However, is round peain shape. They are costly than other pearls and you can use them in your valuable jewellery.
  3. Freshwater: The widest range and natural colors from white to pink to lavender. You have an option to dye them as well.  It is round in shape.
  4. Tahitian: It is 9mm to 16mm in shape. However, they can be used in many colors. They are round in shape and costly too.

How to choose the right color?

 There are different ranges of pearl colors that are available. White is normally preferred. You may find black pearls on the market, but they are not naturally black in nature. Pink, peach and lavender shades give an authentic look on any type of skin tones. Buy pearl jewellery which will suit your look and now you can also buy the pearl jewellery from online stores. They are authentic and you will find their features and descriptions along with their weight on these online jewellery shops.

Try to learn about the value of each pearl:

 While buying pearl jewellery understand the value of the pearls simply do not buy it because it looks good. There should be resale value too.

  • Pearl shapes: While you buy pearls, you should consider certain factors while buying them. Firstly, it is the shape. If the pearls are round they have the highest price value.
  • Pearl Surface: The cleaner the surface of the pearl is the better it is. Pearl is formed naturally there can be some minor changes in the shape.
  • Pearl luster: Look out for high luster in your pearls. The surface should be mirror-like and it must be attractive.
  • Pearl size: The sizes start from 7mm. Pearls are normally worn by women. As they mature they prefer wearing larger pearls. The small ones are used by girls and teenagers.

A few tips while purchasing the pearls:

  1. Purchase from a company which gives you a return policy.
  2. Buy pearls that are specialized and do your research before buying them.
  3. Do not get attracted to the names of the brands. Rather than buying branded pearls you can also obtain them from a normal retailer for a lesser price but the same quality.

So, collect your pearl jewellery today and do not forget to check their authentication.

Image and Content Credits: Kate Westall