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Incontinence Pads: How to Choose Right Products

There are many people around the globe who have a difficulty managing the urinary problems. For these people, special kinds of incontinence pads and products are available in the market. Healthcare industry all around the world has a special place for this product which is helpful in many ways.

What are Incontinence Pads and Products?

In technical terms, incontinence pads and products can be defined as a multi-layered sheet that is used by healthcare workers to deal with urinary incontinence problems in adults. Things that are used to develop the products are cotton or paper, depending on the product’s usage. If one is looking for washable incontinence pads, they are made of cotton while the disposable incontinence pads are developed using paper.

These need to be placed in the undergarment. Other ways to use the product are by placing it on a patient’s bed or on a chair where the patient is sitting. They are developed in a manner that they will not hurt the patient and serve their purpose effectively.

The incontinence pads and products in the market are of different types and could be used differently seeing their benefits and type. Their types are:

  1. Incontinence Pads, Guards, and Liners: These incontinence products are used by placing them in undergarment. They come with an adhesive strip that ensures that the pad stays on its place and serve its purpose effectively. Top benefits of these incontinence pads and products include that they are easy to place and remove. In addition, they are lightweight and could be replaced easily.
  1. Protective Underwear: They are disposable and reusable incontinence products which come with different levels of absorbency and various other capabilities. They have high level of leak protection which ensures that the patient is not going to have any problem.
  1. Belted Shields or Undergarments: These are the incontinence pads inserted in a manner that they could be joined with belts. They could be used without underwear.
  1. Disposable Briefs: These products are like diapers for adults with urinary problems. They are inserted as protective underwear which ensures that one does not need help during any bathroom problem.

These are the widely used incontinence pads and products that are used by healthcare experts all around the world. As they are different from each other and also serve different purposes, it is necessary to choose them as per the requirement. Here’s the effective way to choose them:

  • Who is going to use Incontinence Products?
    Different products are designed and made differently depending on who’s going to use them. For examples, women’s incontinence products could be different from men’s products in many ways. So it is necessary to choose only the products that are going to serve the purpose. In addition, there could be unisex pads which could be used for both the genders. One must choose them wisely so that these could be used in the best way without posing any problem to the patient.
  • Size of the Incontinence Products:
    Size of the incontinence products matters the most, so it is important to make sure that the pads chosen are of correct size. While looking for the product, one should consider body size of a person who is going to use the product.
  • Check the Product’s Style and Efficiency:
    As different products have different styles and types, they could be chosen as per their usage. One can check design of the product and how helpful they are going to be for the patient. In addition, one can also choose between reusable and disposal incontinence pads and products to make sure that the right product has been chosen.

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