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Today, there won’t be any talking. Just our inner voices doing the reading. I want you to take out two minutes from your day and watch this video till the end. Whether you love the affection of a dog wagging its tail or a cat purring in your lap. Or you’re a not – so -touchy with animal’s kind of person or squish – them – till – they – make – an – escape person; we all have to agree how BEAUTIFUL and UNBIASED their love is. Unfortunately, a world of sinister souls exist who seek pleasure in harming these precious furry little creatures.

Did you know? Every year, 1 million animals are abused and killed throughout the world. According to a survey, more than 9000 healthy cats and dogs are killed at shelters as there is no space for their accommodation. Do you enjoy the circus? Surely, the animals don’t. They spend most of their lives chained, caged and abused by trainers with whips, sticks, electric prods, muzzles and tight collars. Eventually, they all end up having psychological problems. In 88% of cases, people who abuse their children and spouses, also target pets or participate in organized cruelty such as dog fighting.

The following steps can be taken when you witness animal abuse or neglect: Recognize signs of animal abuse: Extremely thin, wounds, ticks, limping, kept without any shelter, food and water, chained up most of the times. Act promptly after analyzing the situation. Contact the local animal rescue organization or law enforcement department. Gather as much evidence as you can with a cell phone such as the abuser’s picture, license plate number, location, time and any detail of the witnesses around you. Get veterinary help ASAP. Call PETA for assistance, if the local police department or animal welfare organization are unresponsive to your calls. Animals don’t make the choice nor are they equipped to flee from the abusive environment. Animals can’t speak up for themselves. You can be their voice, their hope to a better life.


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