Your life will never be the same after pregnancy; the same applies for all daily activities and your moods. Sex is also one of the things that change a lot during this period. But, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy making love with your partner. Most women become wary about having sex during pregnancy. On the contrary, there isn’t much to worry. However, one should be aware of the several arrangements which could help you to go through this experience safely.

If you do not suffer from any complications during pregnancy, you can enjoy sex with specific positions that are comfortable for you. Sex during pregnancy does not harm the embryo . This is because the foetus is protected by the amniotic fluid in the uterus. The baby always moves more when you have orgasm. These movements are caused by the pregnant woman’s pounding heart and are not related to any pressure generated by sex. Unfortunately, the changes in hormones, the tired feeling, the nausea and vomiting that accompany the early stages of pregnancy may lower your desire for sex. But this is absolutely normal.


Sex has some very positive reflections on pregnant woman, psychologically and physically. Actually, some researchers reported that having regular sex could minimize the risk of preterm labor. This being said, you have to be careful if you have any particular pregnancy complication because it may be not safe to have sex. In that case, it is best advised to seek professional opinion from a caregiver who is familiar with your situation. Complications such as being pregnant with twins, bleeding or spotting during the initial months of pregnancy, past history of miscarriage or high risk pregnancy including chances of preterm labour or a potentially dangerous pregnancy condition like placenta previa that can lead to excessive bleeding or having an incompetent cervix that might result a preterm labour; need proper medical attention.

If you have heavy bleeding, leaking of the amniotic fluid or severe cramps you have to call your doctor immediately.


While passing through the three semesters of pregnancy it will become evidently challenging to have sex in the traditional positions such as “man on top”. It might not be comfortable or even safe. However, here are a few positions that you could try:-

  • The woman on top position is known to be a very comfortable position for pregnant women.
  • Another position you could manage is to use the edge of the bed to support your back, lying on your back with bend knees and your bottom settled on the edge with your partner standing or kneeling in front.
  • The third position you could also try is to get on hands and knees, which is a perfect position for the later semester of pregnancy. The penetration will also be deep in this position and if you do find it uncomfortable, you can put a pillow between his tummy and your bottom.
  • Another position that can relieve your uterus from handling any extra weight is to sit on your partner’s lap, or you can try the standing positions or finally we can suggest you setting on a table or a counter and your partner standing in front of you.

Let your imagination run free to enjoy sex during pregnancy as there are always new ideas to explore. Be positive and open to new experiences.