After a tiring day of work, what we all look forward to is a cozy and comfortable home. No wonder home is the sweetest place on earth ever. What makes our homes look impressive to us or guests is not expensive furnishing and upholstery but tasteful home décor. Using your home like a canvas where you use little strokes of ideas to create a beautiful sight is what impresses everyone. Here are 3 creative ideas to recycle old stuff and turn them into something absolutely new.


If you have recently painted, your house there must be empty paint cans lying in a heap somewhere waiting to be thrown out. Have you ever wondered that they can make fancy stools for your little courtyard? Place one can in the centre and adjoin other cans around in to form a flowery shape. Fix them firmly with adhesive. You may now hand paint and design the entire structure as you like or cover it with any fabric. Place a cushion on the top for comfortable seating. Having a few of these in a small courtyard looks immensely impressive.


Plastic bottles and old CDs that we often throw out can make wonderful pots for our plants. Cut the plastic bottle to a desired height or in a pattern that you like and place it along with the cap upside down on the discarded CD and glue them together. After the structure is dry paint them with acrylic colors just the way you wish and grow little plants in them.


Quilting is another fabulous way to use up your old clothes that are of no use anymore. Cut up pairs of old jeans and stitch them together for denim quilt that is quite innovative and useful too. Similarly, you can have a quilt made out of old t-shirts, which looks creative and funky. You can use it as a bedspread too. Nothing can impress guests more than such a lively effort put together to preserve memories. You can also create own lampshades and flower vases for your home with empty wine bottles. These fine glass bottles are very good decorative items.


We often clutter our homes with unnecessary or discarded stuff and that makes our homes look so dirty and unorganized. If we go back to our school days and remember our social useful productive work classes, we would realize how useful useless things are. In this way, we will be getting rid of discarded items in an environment friendly way and show our creative sides to impress our guests.

I am generally not fond of throwing away things. I always try to use them up to create something of daily use. When I started doing it initially, I discovered how artistic it made my home and since then whenever I have guests they feel that my home is no less than an art gallery. That’s quite a compliment!

So you see how nothing in the world is actually useless. Everything can be used up to create something for your sweet home and spread happiness. So the next time you see something lying around uselessly cook up some brilliant idea.

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