Tattoos are just one of those things that you get to signify some specific aspect of your life. These are permanent markers of specific aspects of our lives and one of the main guidelines that anyone can ever give you when you are planning on getting a tattoo is to deliberate on it for a pretty long amount of time. Even if you have a clear tattoo idea in your mind, you may want to get a temporary tattoo in that design to see the placement of it and if you can actually live with the tattoo. Since even tattoo removal practices leave a stain and cover-ups are way more painful than the first time you get the tattoo, you must never get a tattoo on a whim or when you are not in your senses.

Now that that is covered, let’s look at some of the coolest tattoo ideas that you can choose from.

  1. Florals- Floral filigree is one of the most common designs in the market and a number of people get these tattoos since you can actually associate different meanings with different flowers and thereby, can signify something special, metaphorically. If you are looking for a floral design, one of the best ideas that you can use is to have one central flower and then fill in the surroundings as you see fit. For a filigree design, you can opt for smaller flowers with random curls. A variation that you can have from the regular fully colored version is to have it done in white ink. This looks much more delicate and alluring. Check out Pinterest for the these cool, floral tattoo designs.
  1. Mythical creatures- for those in love with mythology and mystery, the phoenix or the fairy are traditional choices. Fairies generally signify a deceased elderly, in the role of a fairy godmother who is watching over us. These tattoos are extremely personal and can look good in both black and white as well as in color. Have a look at these mythical themed tattoos.
  1. Geometric patterns- If you are a tattoo addict, you may be looking for something more abstract, something simply aesthetically beautiful. One of the latest tattoo trends that you are certain to fall in love with is geometric patterns. Usually monochrome, these trace out the patterns in nature and animals and the results are nothing short of spell binding. These geometric tattoo ideas are insanely cool!
  1. Tattoo sleeve- This is one of the more extreme types of tattooing and you must get it done by a professional unless you want to suffer from ink poisoning. This is an extensive tattoo that covers the an entire arm and is comprised of all of your favorite objects. Celebrities who sport this look(and totally rock it) include Ruby Rose of Orange is the New Black fame and singer Ed Sheeran. Have a look at these, Mind Blown!

No matter what you decide to get tattooed, it is imperative that you get it done from a proper professional and not some roadside tattooist. Proper hygiene by changing needles is an absolute must to prevent diseases. A great tattoo, therefore, must be well thought out and done by a professional to get the best results.

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