10 green vegetables you should eat to stay healthy

Today, we are talking about the green vegetables that you must eat in order to stay in the pink of health and lose weight at the same time.

There’s absolutely no denying that ‘health is wealth’. You wouldn’t enjoy anything in the world, no matter how filled your pockets are, if you’re not in good health and if you don’t feel good about yourself. Now, almost every kind of diet or dietician out there subscribes to the fact that one should eat plenty of green vegetables not just to loose weight but to stay healthy. In fact, many diets endorse the idea that the major portion of your diet should consist of green vegetables. You can have them steamed, boiled, sautéed, as smoothies or even raw. You can never go wrong with green vegetables!

  1. Peas: A study in the International Journal of Cancer established that consuming green peas, coupled with legumes on a regular basis, can ward off stomach cancer to a great extent. So what if they are small? They are very good for your health.
  1. Kale: Also known as leaf cabbage, these are rich in Vitamin C which helps to prevent heart diseases by lessening the level of LDL, or cholesterol. It is also full of other nutrients and minerals (like Vitamin A, K, B6, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, Magnesium), and is rich in antioxidants too. Kales also contain cancer-fighting properties.
  1. Spinach: Remember Popeye the sailor chewing down a whole can of spinach, every time he needed energy to fight off evil? Well, we guess he should’ve been a nutritionist! Rich in Vitamin B, spinach helps to alleviate breast cancer development. It also contains potassium, which is necessary for proper functioning of muscles, and keeping blood pressure in check.
  1. Broccoli: Steamed broccoli can help to lower cholesterol levels. Broccolis have a lasting impact on the detoxification system of your body. It has been found to ward off allergy related substances because it contains a flavonoid called kaempferol. It is also rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants.
  1. Alfalfa sprouts: These are tiny, yet have a large impact on our health. It contains beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that helps to protect you against lung cancer. It also keeps your skin, hair, gums, bones, and teeth in good condition. It is also full of Vitamin C that helps to ward off heart attacks, strokes, etc.
  1. Brussels sprouts: An excellent source of vitamin C and K, these balls also contain antioxidants, that can help to fight cancer, and defend you against heart diseases and cataracts.
  1. Collard greens: These loose-leafed vegetables have the ability to lower cholesterol levels, and also helps to protect against cancer. They are also rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, and can help to lower the risk of heart diseases.
  1. Parsley: Filled with Vitamin C, B 12, K and A, this green veggie helps to strengthen your immune system, improves your nervous system, and makes your bones stronger. It also helps to regulate blood pressure, and aids in proper functioning of the kidney.
  1. Celery: Just one stalk of celery that is rich in vitamin A, C, folate, dietary fiber, and Potassium, can provide you with a large number of benefits. It helps to relax you, prevent inflammation caused due to joint pain, lung infection, etc., aids in digestion process, reduces “bad” cholesterol, and also boosts your sex life!
  1. Green beans: These are a good source of a number of vitamins and minerals like copper, chromium, magnesium, vitamin A, B1, B6, E, etc. They have been found to lower the risks of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and can help to prevent cancer, and infertility in women. Beans are also good for your bone health.

Your lifestyle plays a major role, when it comes to your well-being. Something as simple as eating right, would work wonders for your over-all health. Of course, you need to get engaged in some physical activities too, but maintaining a proper diet, is surely the first step to stay fit and active. Incorporating a lot of green vegetables in your everyday meals, is a great idea for staying hale and hearty.

Think green veggies are boring? Here is a link to some great recipes that you could try for a change.


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