The Swadhar A Scheme

In the year 2000-2001, SWADHAR-A Scheme for Women in Difficult Circumstances was launched by the Department of Women and Child Development.

The scheme has been designed with an innovative and intricate approach to envelope all basic requirements for women in trouble and distress under diverse situations. It is aimed to target women with specific vulnerabilities, who are in need of immediate help through its holistic approach.

This Central sector scheme provides amenities such as food, clothing, shelter and care to the marginalized women along with counseling. Girls or women above the age of eighteen years are given primary education to develop their personality, skills and awareness. Legal guidance and aid enables the women to take decisions and major steps towards building their economic status.

One of the major objectives of this scheme is the rehabilitation of the women at an emotional level. They make it a point to act as a support system, housing the needs by understanding the condition of these women stuck in situations of anguish. This subjects the women to an emotional turnover by helping them start afresh with confidence and conviction.

Women affected by HIV , marital disputes , homeless survivors , widows or victims of domestic violence without a marginal base of any kind of support are taken care of by providing them a home to reside at for at least three years. Under the assistance of UJJAWALA Scheme, trafficked women who have been liberated from the areas of exploitation are given financial support and a place to stay.

Health check-ups, treatments and medical facilities are also taken care of by the program with its tie-up with the local civil hospital. In times of emergency, doctors are sent to the swadhar greh for easy access and medical care.

Under the program, Swadhar greh or houses will be set up in every district with an accommodation of thirty women in each.  Short stay homes is another scheme which is exclusively a rehabilitation centre to provide shelter to homeless women who are facing social, economic and emotional problems. Similar to the SWADHAR scheme, both the programs were merged forming the swadhar homes or greh. The greh seeks to improve the quality of life of women and cater to every need required. Within seven years, statistics revealed the progress of the program through vocational training, which has helped more than 72% women  and given them an opportunity to work independently.  There are more than 5000 swadhar homes set up across the country over the past sixteen years and still continue to expand.

The SWADHAR scheme has been a nurturing framework for victims ensuring that all requirements are properly taken care, helping women empower and uplift themselves, provided whole-heartedly through efforts of the Government consistently.

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