A Nostalgic School Thought

Who amidst you doesn’t remember the plight to wake up every morning, get ready, and then leave for school? Do you recall how you just couldn’t wait to graduate from your academy, and finally step into the world of ‘adulthood’? The ‘happening and carefree’ life (at least you thought so) led by your parents, older friends, and everyone ‘elder’ to you, seemed just so alluring, unlike the robotic life that you yourself, had to lead in school. But alas! As you grew up, and started facing the harsh challenges of life, you now conclude, ‘how school life is nothing but the golden period of one’s life’.

From playing pranks on your friends and teachers, to stealing tiffin boxes from batch mates, from group studies before tests, to cheating during exams, what a store house of memories school life is, that you dwell in nostalgia so frequently!

Let us have a quick look at 15 ‘school memories’ that are mostly common to all of us.These school-flashbacks, unquestionably have the power to make you nostalgic, and will surely make you want to relive those childhood days again! Read on.

  1. No teacher!

It used to be a moment of celebration for us, when the teacher remained absent, or did not come to take the class. We gossiped with our classmates till our heart’s content. We roamed about the school’s corridors, put up silly pranks or played board games with friends, and did everything possible, that was otherwise forbidden. It was simply euphoric! However, it was always a sad story, when a substitute teacher would be allotted to take the class.’

2. Oh no! Tests.

We loved surprises, but not when it came as a test! Those awful surprise tests announced by our teachers gave us the feeling that a bullet had passed through our heart. No points for guessing we scored horribly in them! (we aren’t talking about the super studious ones though).

 A Nostalgic13. Tempting lunch boxes.

There was always that one friend in school who would get delicious home-cooked food packed as lunch. Remember how we attacked his tiffin box? Also, when hunger struck, we didn’t quiet think of the quality of food, we were just ready to hog anything and everything, sometimes in between classes too!

A Nostalgic24. Maths class!

The most dreadful subject for any normal student- mathematics! Remember how delighted we would be, if we managed to understand even one formula of trigonometry? It was more like an achievement! And who can forget the pain we would feel when our answers didn’t match with our friends’. “You got 0.77? How!”

5. Computer class.

This used to be the class we would all wait for! AC rooms, without shoes, sitting like a king handling an individual computer, and mostly playing card games or surfing the internet when no one was watching- this sure seemed so much fun!

6. Spare us the horror, teachers!

A parent-teacher meeting. Something we all dreaded and disliked beyond imagination. This was when all our mischievousness and notoriety was reported to our parents by our beloved mentors. How we hated being insulted so openly! In a similar fashion, we also loved to be praised and acknowledged.

7.Passing chits.

Remember how we used to communicate to our friends in between classes passing notes and chits? We also cannot forget the several times we got caught by our teachers, and the punishments that followed!

8.White keds.

The PT classes once a week were something we were not very fond of. And yes, we had to wear white keds. Do you recollect whitewashing your shoes with chalks so that you weren’t scolded by your teacher?

A Nostalgic39. The great anticipation.

Who can forget those butterflies in the stomach when we finally left using pencils and adopted pens instead! It almost gave us the feeling that we were no more kids. Also do you remember those ink-rubbers that were half pink and blue? They claimed to rub off the ink, but did they do so? Absolutely NOT! Betrayers!

10. Playing notebook games.

Notebook games like bingo, name place animal thing, dots, book cricket, etc. seemed like our favourite pastime. Also you perhaps remember playing FLAMES to see how you were connected to your crush! Don’t you?

11. Holiday home-works!

Holidays were meant to do nothing. Why didn’t our teachers understand that, we wondered! They gave us heaps of home tasks for the vacations. Who will tell them we completed them only in the last 2-3 days, or right after the school opened?

12.School picnics.

One day (once a year) when we were taken out from the boring school to some other place- school picnic! Showing off our school uniforms (which we otherwise hated), packing restaurant food as lunch, playing outdoor games with friends, travelling in a bus together, clicking group pictures, oh it was all so much fun!

A Nostalgic4

Image Credits: “SeeWorld88/Shutterstock.com”

13. Rain, rain, come again!

Getting wet in the rain with our besties seemed like the thing we all would wait for. But there was always this strict teacher who would beat us up for soaking ourselves in heaven’s showers. Who cared? We did it anyway. Also, remember the paper-boats?

A Nostalgic514.Best friends and enemies.

We still have at least one friend whom we met in school and is our best friend for life. No one seems to know us better, and it’s true, our schools gave us the most honest friends. Whenever we reconnect, it’s always like the old days are back and we get nostalgic. Also, we made fierce enemies who we like to dislike till date. There was always a hateable group in school, remember?

A Nostalgic615. Farewell everyone!

The saddest day for most students- the farewell. Sure we all are excited to doll ourselves in beautiful sarees and suites, and look the best on the special day, but the thought of leaving school forever grips our hearts! Remember how we cried at the thought of parting with our friends and teachers at the end of the ceremony. That was sure an emotional day!

If you’ve already graduated from school, we know how nostalgic school can make you. If possible, try and help a kid go to school. Not everyone is as fortunate as you, after all. If you’re still in school, enjoy and cherish your school days. Make the most of it. This golden and carefree period will never come back again.