Winston Churchill once said; ‘The empires of the future are the empires of the mind’. By these words, he was actually trying to stress the importance of the mind power in one’s success. Today, many people are trying different methods to enhance their mind power. They do regular physical exercise, eat special foods, and consume tonics, stimulants and medicines for improving their memory and concentration.

In fact, your brain is like any muscle of your body. If you are not using it, it will become weaker, deteriorated and feeble. Albert Einstein confessed that he couldn’t utilize more than 25% of his brain power. If this is the case of the greatest known genius ever walked on earth, imagine what the condition of the common man will be?

Nowadays, smart phones are in common use. We see some possess very costly smart phones but they use it only for making and receiving calls. A few of them may know to use WhatsApp also. Other uses are not understood by them. Many are not even aware of the vast potential uses of these phones. It is due to their lack of knowledge that they under utilize this gadget. Similar is the case of using our brains. We never try to use our brains to the possible extent. Many of us are idling our brains without using properly. We use calculators for simple and silly additions or subtractions which can be done mentally, without any difficulty. We need not even remember any information, since the same is available on a finger touch. Gadgets are doing anything and everything for us. So we have become so lazy that we try to avoid doing even very simple things with our brains and hands. Actually, the over use of the modern gadgets like computers, calculators, and smart phones has increased our dependency and laziness. We habitually tend to avoid using our brain power. This tendency of the modern man to avoid doing even simple mental activities and entrust them to machines or gadgets has become a real threat to his mental power and capabilities. The basic principle; ‘use it or lose it’ is quite relevant to brain power also. So, if you want to improve your mind power, you have to use it to the maximum extent.

In this outstanding book, Vijayikkan Oru Masthishkkam (Brain to Win), Dr. John Muzhuthettu explains the principles of modern psychology and neuroscience to make you understand the scientific secrets of mind power. In addition to these, ancient Yogic and Vedic methods are also suggested and detailed with the support of the latest research findings. For example, music therapy, aroma therapy, color therapy, chakra balancing, laughter and humor, meditation etc. are explained lucidly and in detail. How the activities like walking, running, chewing, reading, learning etc. can boost your brain and memory is aptly highlighted. The author also cautions about certain habits that can hinder the nourishment of brain cells and adversely affect memory and mind power.

Dr. John’s vast experience as engineer, lecturer, trainer, motivational speaker, human resource consultant and counselor has gone behind the making of such an exceptionally unique and valuable book. The funny and thought provoking experiences, incidents and anecdotes added in each chapter render the reading of the book a wonderfully interesting and rewarding experience.

The book contains 31 chapters which provide a treasury of information equipping you to lead a successful and meaningful life. This is an immensely worth reading book and has a tremendous potential to tone up your brain and optimize performance. The psychological techniques suggested for improving memory power, creativity, speed reading and learning etc. are holistic and practical.

This is the seventh book of Dr. John Muzhuthettu. The book is published by India’s leading and reputed News paper, Mathrubhumi’s books division. This is a useful practical guide for everyone who wants to improve his/ her mind power, and enrich life. Price of the book is Rs. 210 only. The book is widely available through the sales outlets of Mathrubhoomi all throughout India.

As you know Dr. Muzhuthett is a popular columnist in the dailybrunch. We, the dailybrunch team, take pride in presenting his latest book and sincerely wish him success in all his future endeavors.

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