Mirza Hina Khan - Improve your mental health during Corona virus outbreak

As we all know, Coronavirus is playing havoc around the world. The lock down, economic slowdown etc. Being confined to our houses  is not only taking toll on the health but messing up with our mind too. This straight up effects our overall health and fill us up with negativity. But there’s a silver lining here, it’s entirely in our hands.

Let’s keep it simple, if we have better control on our mental health then we can control the over all health of our body. That’s why I believe in following the basics rather than doing things which are fancy or too complicated to follow.

The first step is exercise. When we talk about exercise, there is nothing better than yoga. Yoga is a exercise which is complete in itself. It gives you both physical and mental benefits. It not only improves immune system but also makes our neurological system much stronger. It recharges the spirit.

That’s right, apart from physical and psychological impact the major benefits of yoga are spiritual energy, self consciousness and mindfulness. It not only strengthens you physically but also improves your lifestyle. Yoga becomes not an exercise but a life style.

Now let’s talk about basics. You know it’s the some of the basic rules which form lays the foundation of a healthy life. For centuries since the mankind has been following these rules they are the bible of our survival. Let’s look at then objectively.

Basic level one. Our basic habits, like keeping simple hygiene and follow the home rules. Washing our hands often, especially before meals, chewing food properly while eating and saying our prayers before or after the meals. Not to do any activity while having our meals. Now days many of us indulge in use of phones or watch TV. Meal is also a sort of activity which require it’s own time and attention. Meal are supposed to enjoyed apart from filling our bellies. It has been proven that a food had in good mood is well digested and healthy.  And not to forgotten, it’s necessary to thank our mothers, sisters, wife’s daughter’s and grandmothers for making us such appetizing and finger licking meals. Behavior at home also important, placing a handkerchief on our mouth while sneezing or coughing saves us from some avoidable situations and diseases.

Next basic is what do we eat at home. We again don’t need any fancy diet list. Use of seasonal fruits, vegetables and local grains is important. Add some pure ghee and jaggery to your diet as it helps in improving the metabolism and immunity.

Another basic rule which is the most important one is timing. Everything we do becomes ineffective unless it’s done timely. Timing is the key to all.

As we know this lockdown has takes away many things apart from our freedom to do certain things. Our sense of timing has simply gone for a toss. The time we sleep, we wake up, we eat, we drink, we do anything is just gone haywire. This lockdown doesn’t mean we stay awake all night watching TV and sleep though out the day. Discipline to sleep at proper time and for proper hours is important. Timely sleep helps in improving metabolism and body functions. It keeps you fresh, energetic and positive.

As I said earlier these things are basic and we all know them. But what we don’t know is that we don’t even bother to remember them let alone follow them. This lockdown has taught us many things and there are many things we have to learn. It’s important we go back to our basics and start following them. These basics have been key to our ancestor’s survival for centuries that’s why they were laid down for us. We will learn some rules and unlearn some. Together we will win our life back and enjoy it again to the fullest.

So stay home, stay safe and stay blessed.

Mirza Hina Khan

Mother of two angels Mirza Hina Khan is a Creative, Progressive and target-oriented Dietitian with 8 years of progressively responsible experience in Nutrition, Yoga and Zumba.
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