Tired of hopping onto the treadmill every single day? Stepping, though it may sound simple, is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight and improve the overall health. In fact, stepping burns more calories than walking on a treadmill or even jogging. This Stepper Workout is an efficient fat buster and works miracles for the lower body.

Our Fitness Warrior & Virtual Fitness Guide — Madhumita Jana — will not take NO for an answer. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to busting those problem areas that accumulate stubborn fat. Madhumita shares her favourite Stepper Workout Routine or Step Exercise which is both super fun and super effective. Step up your cardio game with this awesome Stepper Workout Routine which you can do in the comfort of your own home. This cardio routine makes the perfect Beginner Step Aerobics for fitness.

Here’s Madhumita’s message: “I have I know all of us wants to be fit with ideal weight, All of us want to eat relatively “whatever we want to”, yet stay in shape. Now that’s possible.

But like most valuable thing it’s not a easy to achieve it. Though it’s not very difficult either. It requires your Mindset & Determination. And If you are reading this, I am hoping you have those 2 in abundance 😊. After our 1st video on Abs exercise Routine at Home – which was adored by all of you, I got few questions on Weight loss Routine. Weight loss is a vast subject, it requires overall lifestyle change. But In today’s video, I have utilized a familiar yet interesting prop – a Stepper.

Stepper Exercise Routines are fun & very effective. So let’s jump into today’s weight loss routine, shall we?

Step Exercise Routines featured in the Video:

    • Weight Jump & Balance
    • Fast Step up Run
    • Wide Stretch & Jump
    • Wide Stretch & Jump- Faster
    • Jump & Bend
    • Sideways Jump
    • Fly Jump Stretch

Time taken – 40 second/exercise

Repeat – 3 sets

Benefits of Stepper Routines:

    • For Weight loss & Burning your Calories- It’s one of the best exercise routines
    • Tones your Leg & Gluteal muscles
    • Improves your overall Body-balance & Flexibility
    • It’s Fun, with Music playing- It enhances your mood positively

However, Always take precaution on all your exercise routine, including in this. Safety is a key element in every fitness regime, we don’t want injury from these exercises. Hence take precaution & time to balance your body on a stepper. Place your Stepper board on a flat surface and check it thoroughly before you start the routine. Make sure your foot is steeping up on the board properly in order to avoid any missteps and injury.

Last but not the least, these are easy , fun & effective exercises. It has helped me to improve my posture, stamina , as well as has strengthened by muscles. Give it a try 😊 And keep us posted on how you like it.

See you soon, Have a healthy day ahead. Xoxo, Madhumita”

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