How often do you find a book that leaves you deeply motivated yet with a feeling to have read a realistic love story. “The Ascent Of Love” by Rooprashi is one such book. The book oozes positivity and will help anyone to face life head on. The glimpse of life of mountaineers is through-out inspiring. It is an adventurous love story full of colours and beauty of life, relationships and nature. The book gives an in-depth peep into the life of the mountaineers. There is a sense of ‘ascent’ as the story progresses. The journeys we undertake defines the best of who we are and there are many glimpses of philosophical explanations in between lines which is worth applaud. A skilful bridge is made between the past and present lives of the protagonist along with a setting of beautiful mountains and picturesque landscapes.

The story beautifully connects a love story with the adventurous life of mountaineers. The protagonist Taara, who embarks on a journey of self-realization with high spirits on a mountaineering course, gets a chance encounter with Vedant which brings out the inevitable fear inside her, that of him being in the same course too! But is Vedant a changed man now? Will Taara accept him again? Does she still have feelings for her ex? One must read this story to find answers to these questions as mountaineering has always been a team effort and having one’s ex in a team will definitely sprout complicacy. However, we also encounter some beautiful pages filled with friendship moments and family love. Throughout the book portrayal of different relationships has been captured accurately. Romantic relationships, friendships, siblings love and love towards one’s parents are written without exaggeration. It is a reminder that no love story is complete without the support of our dear ones – a marvellous aspect of this book.

This was one of the softest and cutest love stories, not only because of the situations or the plot but also because of the characters which makes it appear more real and beautiful. There is so many times where we think we have overpowered our feelings but in reality, we just shove them in a box and bury them deep down but it ultimately erupts out when we are taken by surprise.

The character of Taara is very inspirational one. Not only she pursues her dreams but also has the courage to leave a toxic relationship at the right time. Her character is strong and that’s how you build a backbone of a story with your story telling skills. Though the author has given equal importance to both the characters, Taara and Vedant and has also developed them in such a way that people will definitely start loving them as the story progresses. But Taara is such a character that she is going to linger in the minds of readers for a long time.

This is a novel that adheres to the conventionally American format of the romantic genre while retaining its distinctive Indian flavor and the grit of both. This book stands out and is an example that the ladies of Indian Literature are promising indeed.

Writing style is very simple and easy. Even if you are a beginner then also you can pick this book. The book teaches us to chase our dreams and live for whatever you like. The story is short and simple but quite formulaic and anticipated one. Narration is done in easy to grasp language. Simple language is sprinkled with lovely narration. Chapters are short and well connected. Plot of story is original like first rain of the season. The cover of the book is elegant, alluring and goes with the theme.

After a long hectic day, when you finally sat down with a cup of coffee and a good book at your reading nook to spend some quality time with yourself, what will be your expectations? If you expect a quick and relaxing read, then this is the book for you.

The book gives out a positive message which is not entirely philosophical but realistic. At last but not the least, by the end of the book, you will most likely want to visit the mountains as this book will magically transcend you into the beautiful world of mountains.

If you are a nature lover and like books of romantic genre, just go ahead, read it & enjoy it! You can get your copy on Amazon


Management Executive, blogger and author of two books, Rooprashi, is an individual brimming with stories. She is an HR Professional who works in GAIL (India) Ltd., a Maharatna Public-Sector Unit (PSU). She possesses both compassion and composure and a capacity for empathy that is clearly reflected in her writings.

She writes with an aim to motivate her readers and infuse positivity in society. Her books “The Girl Who Saw It All” and “The Ascent Of Love” have been reviewed and launched by eminent personalities like Shri Radhakrishnan Pillai, Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu, Mr. Sandeep Marwah and Mr. Satya Pal Jain (Additional Solicitor General Of India). Her books have received positive coverage from different media (Newspapers, TV and Radio channels) and great response from the readers all over India.

She is mother of a 3 years’ old baby who gets inspired and motivated by people around her. She loves writing blogs as well as quotes and keeps sharing it.
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