Get over your mid-week blues by whipping up this delicious dessert. The Falooda is for all seasons and remains an indulgent treat to many of us. However, it is also one of those very few desserts-drinks that can be made without much hassle.

The Falooda is a timeless, classic dessert-drink. With some prior planning and preparation, it can be put together in no time. The beauty of the Falooda lies in the fact that it can be kept pretty simple and basic or you can step up the game by making it as fancy as possible through the addition of a few extra ingredients.

This Falooda is a simple but no-fail dessert.

Recipe Details:

Jelly Cubes (Homemade or store-bought), Vermicelli (Falooda Sev), Cut Mixed Fruits, Sabja Seeds (Basil Seeds), Sweetened Cold Milk (Full Fat Chilled) and topped with generous scoops of Strawberry Icecream (Or Vanilla Icecream) and Rose Syrup for garnishing. You can add in some chopped up nuts (Pistacchio Nuts are ideal) for the extra bite. Next, assemble the Falooda.

Note: You can even add rose petals or cherry bites for the extra dash of colour.
Wash and then soak the Sabja Seeds for at least 30 minutes (two hours ideally) prior to the preparation of the dish. Drain the excess water and set aside. The milk can be boiled with sugar added to it till it thickens. Let it cool down before chilling it. The Vermicelli can be prepared as per the instructions on the pack of the store-bought brand and kept aside.

About the Author:

Chef Suresh Pillai, from Kollam, went on to create history when he became one of the very few Indians to participate in the globally acclaimed TV show— ‘Masterchef: The Professionals’. Suresh Pillai is as passionate and proud about his humble roots as much the culinary journey, spanning over decades, that eventually catapulted him to the pinnacle of fame when he cooked Kerala’s very own ‘Meen Curry’ on the Masterchef show. Not only did Suresh win the hearts of Malayalis across the globe but also the novel presentation of the traditional South Indian dish piqued the interest of a global audience. Suresh’s culinary talent coupled with love for authentic simplicity of dishes and subtle flavours had taken him from his hometown in Kollam to working in some of the most renowned kitchens across the globe before returning to Kerala to fondly don the cap of Corporate Head and Exec Chef at The Raviz Ashtamudi Resort with the vision of promoting Kerala cuisine across the globe.